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Welcome to the Fenton Art Glass Online Press Kit! See the latest news and information about Fenton Art Glass, retrieve press releases, get contact information or download logos.

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Fax: 304-375-7833

Email: askfenton@fentonartglass.com


Fenton Events-At-A-Glance

General Information

Media Coverage

  • March 1, 2010: Fenton Union Approves
    Multi-year Contract (text)

  • November 2009: Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs at Fenton Glass Glory Hole (video clip)

  • November 4, 2009: Fenton 'Dirty Jobs' to air next week (text/image)

  • November 2, 2009: Fenton Art Glass Featured on Dirty Jobs Discovery Channel (text)

  • October 14, 2009: Fenton Art Glass to be Featured on Upcoming Dirty Jobs Episode (text)

  • September 7, 2009: Evaluating Treasures (text)

  • September 1, 2009: Fenton Art Glass launches Treasure Hunt Contest (text)

  • February 9, 2009: Fenton Plans the Year (text)

  • February, 2009: Fenton Ruby Bowl in Home Accents Today (image)

  • December 8, 2008: Fenton Rebounds, But Braces for More Challenges (text)

  • November 13, 2008: It's a Dirty Job [Filming at Fenton - WTAP News Report] (text)

  • November 12, 2008: Fenton Glass to be Featured on Discovery Channel Show (text)

  • August 4, 2008: Artists' Work Celebrated (text)

  • June 22, 2008: Fenton has Reason to Celebrate [QVC Show] (text)

  • May 17, 2008: Fenton, Artist Work Together on Collection (text w/image)

  • June 22, 2008: Fenton has Reason to Celebrate (text)

  • May 8, 2008: Glass Artisan Visits
    Fenton Art Glass (text)

  • April 7, 2008: Fenton Stages Surprising Comeback (text w/link)

  • Fenton celebrates 100 years of glassmaking (text only)

  • Fenton has reason to celebrate (text only)

  • Our Opinion: Fenton milestone inspiring (text only)

  • Fenton Glass Makes Coal Bowl Trophy (text/images)

  • Fenton Makes a Championship Trophy (text/images)

  • Friends of Coal Bowl trophy features West Virginia materials, artisans (text/images)

  • Coal Bowl trophy an all-state effort (text/images)

  • The Bronze Look brings 100 year W.Va. legacy, Fenton Glass, to Princeton's historic district (text/images)

  • A Dazzling History: Fenton Art Glass (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass celebrates centennial (text/images)

  • Randy James Weikel Obituary (text/images)

  • The crossroads: Williamstown (text/images)

  • U.S. Senate recognizes 100 years of Fenton (text only)

  • Fenton Celebrates 100 Year (text only)

  • Glass Gurus! (text/images)

  • Fenton welcomes English collectors (text/images)

  • Frank M. Fenton passes away (text only)

  • Fenton to sign art glass in Aledo, Illinois (text/images)

  • Collectors in the Spotlight (text/images)

  • Fenton Centennial, Good Things from RC Gifts (text/images)

  • Parkersburg [and Fenton] named 'Best of the Road' (text/images)

  • Longtime Marietta College Trustee, Frank Fenton, Dies (text only)

  • Frank Fenton of Fenton Art Glass Dies (text only)

  • Frank Fenton Memorial (text/images)

  • Businessman made area a better place (text only)

  • Remembering Frank Fenton (text/images)

  • Frank M. Fenton, obituary (text/images)

  • Son of Fenton's founder, longtime president dies (text only)

  • Frank M. Fenton (text only)

  • Frank Fenton of Fenton Art Glass Dies (text/images)

  • Frank Fenton mourned (text/images)

  • Glass magnate Frank Fenton dies (text/images)

  • Frank M. Fenton dies at 89 (text only)

  • Frank Fenton Passes (text/images)

  • QVC broadcasts live from Fenton Art Glass (text only)

  • Lights, Camera, Fenton! (text only)

  • Fenton Celebrates 100 Years (text only)

  • Fenton Art Glass fan base worldwide (text/images)

  • High Class Glass (text only)

  • Fenton Glass fans continue celebration (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass 100th anniversary celebration begins (text/images)

  • Antique and glass show draws hundreds (text/images)

  • Fun with Fenton (text only)

  • Fenton Art Glass kicks off five-day event in honor of 100th anniversary (text/images)

  • Author examines popularity of Fenton glass in series of books (text only)

  • FENTON ART GLASS - A Century of Success (text/images)

Fenton Press Releases
2009 Releases

  • Fenton Art Glass Launches Great American Fenton Glass Treasure Hunt Contest (text/image)

  • Happy Halloween from Fenton USA! (text/image)

  • Fenton USA Presents New Poppies on Blush Rose! (text/image)

  • Fenton USA Presents First Edition "Ellie" Doll Figurine (text/image)

  • Fenton International Presents Christmas Whimsy for 2009! (text/image)

  • Fenton USA Presents Spring Finery Burmese Glass (text/image)

  • Fenton USA Presents Cameo Carved Art Glass (text/image)

  • Fenton USA Presents the Return of Birthstone Bears (text/image)

  • Fenton International Presents Gold Ruby Glass (text/image)

  • Fenton USA Presents New Key Lime Glass (text/images)

  • Fenton USA Presents Creamy Chocolate (text/images)

  • Fenton USA Presents Rich Ruby Glass (text/images)

 2004-2008 Releases

  • Fenton USA Presents A Studio Fenton
    Temple Jar (text/images)

  • Fenton USA Presents Whimsical Holiday Chums! (text/images)

  • Fenton USA Presents Offers Exclusive to Benefit ALS Research (text/images)

  • Fenton International Presents Christmas Whimsy (text/images)

  • An open letter to friends of Fenton Art Glass (pdf)

  • Fenton USA Presents. . . Meadow Berry on Madras Pink (text/images)

  • Happy Halloween from Fenton USA! (text/images)

  • Fenton USA Presents. . . Spring Fairy, A Cameo Masterpiece! (text/images)

  • Fenton USA Presents. . . Copper Leaf on Chameleon Green (text/images)

  • Fenton International Launches Golden Sand Glassware (text/images)

  • Fenton International Launches Blue Odyssey Glassware (text/images)

  • Fenton International Launches Gold Ruby Glassware (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Introduces Visiting Glass Artisan Nathan Sheafor (text/images)

  • Studio Fenton Showcases Limited Editions (text/image)

  • Fenton Art Glass Presents Studio Fenton and "Lava Flow" (text/image)

  • 2008: Fenton Art Glass Reports Progress (text)

  • The 2007 Connoisseur Collection Showcases Fenton Art Glass (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Displays Latest Artware in New Atlanta Showroom Location (text only)

  • Fenton Art Glass Presents . . . Limited Edition Blue Burmese Angel  (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Presents . . . Renaissance Glory Nativity Set (text/images)

  • 2007 Connoisseur Collection Showcases Fenton Art Glass (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Presents . . . Whimsical Holiday Chums! (text/images)

  • Fenton Teams Up With West Virginia Artists Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp To Produce Limited Edition Pieces (text/images)

  • Fenton Launches New "Artware" Division (text/images)

  • A Fenton Art Glass Innovation ... Mary Gregory on Aubergine! (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Forges Ahead With "Feathers" Vase (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Company Celebrates A Mother's Love... Vase (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Company Celebrates A Mother's Love... Cat Treasure Box (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass is now a clue on Jeopardy! (text/images)

  • Fenton Gift Shop's 2006 Adopt-A-Thon Raised $1500 for local humane societies (text/images)

  • Connie Mayle, Fenton webmaster wins AAWM Gold Award for Fenton Art Glass website (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Presents "Freedom Soars" Vase...A Tribute to the Glassmaker's Art (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Extends Tradition with Mosaic Piece in 2006 Connoisseur Collection (text/images)

  • Autumn Morn Lamp Highlights the Fenton Art Glass Connoisseur Collection (text/images)

  • The 2006 Connoisseur Collection Showcases Fenton Art Glass (text/images)

  • Fun, Funky and Fantastic...Dave Fetty Crayons Vase (text/images)

  • Happy Halloween 2006! (text/images)

  • Winter Wonderland for 2006 (text/images)

  • "Visions" on Aubergine Glass! (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Captures the Wonder of the Caribbean! (text/images)

  • The Frank M. Fenton Memorial "Nautilus" Vase (text/images)

  • Check out what's new on eBay! Fenton's Frolicking, Rollicking Chocolate Spaniels! (text/images)

  • Tom Fenton Announces Retirement (text/images)

  • Special Announcement - Teleflora's Fenton Art Glass Bouquet (text/images)

  • Fenton Veteran's Day Salute (text/images)

  • Fenton Lamp Winner Announced (text/images)

  • Fenton Employees Walk to "D'Feet" ALS (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass offers tenth eBay exclusive (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Offers Exclusive to Benefit ALS. Research Funds Raised Will Help Find Cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease. (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Company Celebrates...A Mother's Love... (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Company Presents...Cranberry Hearts...The Love Affair Continues (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Company Sculptor Suzi Whitaker Creates New Products for Spring 2006 Line! (text/images)

  • Frank M. Fenton (1915-2005) (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass opens new retail store in the Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills, Pittsburgh, PA (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass opens kiosk in Polaris Fashion Place, Columbus, Ohio (text/images)

  • Fenton announces contest winners (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Honors Williamstown High School Artists (text/images)

  • FENTON Handcrafted American Glass Artistry Exclusive Dancing Ladies Covered Urn (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Commemorates 100th Anniversary (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass to Commemorate 100th Anniversary (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass continues 100th anniversary celebration, plans to open kiosk in Polaris Fashion Place, Columbus, Ohio (text only)

  • Fenton Art Glass offers seventh eBay Exclusive (text/images)

  • Fenton fans raise over $2,500 to benefit ALS Association (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass Family Centennial Signing     

  • Events Scheduled for 2005 (text only)

  • ALS/Fenton Glass Partners for Hope (text only)

  • Fenton's 100th Anniversary (text/images)

  • Fenton celebrates 100th year (text only)

  • Fenton Art Glass To Benefit ALS (text/images)

  • Fenton Glass Turns 100 (text/images)

  • Fenton Art Glass celebrating 100th (text only)

  • Fenton visitors help make ornaments (text only)

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Fenton Alliances

Below are some companies with whom we have done business. Watch here for updates.



  Abbey Press

  Lillian Vernon


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