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June 23, 2006

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In this issue:

Fenton Turquoise

Fenton Baby Bunch

Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives

Fenton website wins gold award

Next QVC Show

2006 June Supplement

Fenton Treasure Boxes

5031 7U

4 1/4" Crayons Egg

Dave Fetty original!

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The Next QVC Show is Tuesday, July 4

Special QVC Preview E-Mail, Monday, July 3

Expand your horizons with Turquoise!

Escape to your place of hidden desire - tranquil blue waters, the endless sky, or a treasure chest filled with glistening gemstones. Let your imagination lead the way. The colors of water satisfy a yearning for peace and healing - expand your horizons with Turquoise.

Frances Burton's fluid design style is on display in the delicate Butterfly Minuet pattern, where beauty and whimsy combine in a fresh design. Deep white enamel is used to paint stylized butterflies in an elaborate dance on a sky of Turquoise that captures nature's fragility forever.

To buy the 7 1/2" Butterfly Minuet on Turquoise Square Vase

To buy the 3" Butterfly Minuet on Turquoise Butterfly

To buy the 9 1/2" Butterfly Minuet on Turquoise Candy Box

To buy the 3 1/2" Butterfly Minuet on Turquoise Elephant

To buy the 5 1/2" Butterfly Minuet on Turquoise Fairy Light

Perfect for the young or the young at heart... the Fenton Baby Bunch Collection

Each baby animal figurine has a handpainted all-over floral motif inspired by children's pajamas. Enjoy a jaunty new Rooster as well as a new boasting Songbird designed by sculptor Suzi Whitaker.

To buy the 3 3/4" l. Baby Bunch Aquamarine Songbird

To buy the 3 1/2" Baby Bunch Rosemilk Rooster

To buy the 3 1/2" Baby Bunch Fern Green Elephant

To buy the 4" Baby Bunch Violet Pig

To buy the 3" Baby Bunch Autumn Gold Hippo

Fenton Gift Shop Blue Burmese Exclusives by Susan Bryan

To shop for Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives

Our "Silent Watch" 10" Vase was designed and handpainted by Gift Shop Featured Artist Susan Bryan. Produced in beautiful Blue Burmese glass and handpainted with a stately buck in his natural habitat. This Featured Artist Gift Shop exclusive vase for June 2006 is numbered and strictly limited to only 50 pieces!

To buy the 10" Fenton Gift Shop "Silent Watch" Blue Burmese Vase


This breathtaking Basket in Fenton's highly collectible Blue Burmese glass bears a tranquil ocean scene entitled "By the Sea," which was created and handpainted by Gift Shop Featured Artist Susan Bryan. This Gift Shop Exclusive is numbered and strictly limited to only 25 pieces.

To buy the 8" Fenton Gift Shop "By the Sea" Blue Burmese Basket

Connie Mayle, webmaster wins AAWM Gold Award for Fenton Art Glass website

(Williamstown, WV). Connie Mayle, Fenton webmaster, has been selected to receive the American Association of Webmasters, Gold Award for 2006 for her work on the Fenton Art Glass website. The American Association of Webmasters Awards are primarily designed to supply formal recognition to webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity. More

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Next QVC Show...

Mark your calendar and plan to join George Fenton for some exciting Fenton moments. Join us Tuesday, July 4, from 1 pm to 3 pm ET. For more information on Fenton and QVC, click here.

A special QVC Preview e-mail will be sent Monday, July 3.

The 2006 June Supplement...

Presenting the artistry of Fenton Art Glass... the 2006 Connoisseur Collection. The 2006 Fenton Connoisseur items are available online for purchase: includes "Autumn Morn" Lamp, Verlys Birds Vase, "Serenity" Rosalene Guest Set, "Freedom Soars" Vase, Mulberry Medley Vase, Sunflower on Plated Amberina Vase, Mosaic Vase, and Dave Fetty's Crayons Egg.

To browse the 2006 June Supplement


Treasure Boxes...

Store an assortment of life's special treasures...

5033 HU

4" Violet Elephant Ringholder Box

4189 4S

4 1/2" w. Oval Shellflower Aquamarine Iridized Treasure Box

6877 OE

4" Violet Art Nouveau Treasure Box

6606 D8

4" Opal Satin Heart Box

5361 DA

4 1/2" Rosemilk Cat Ringholder Box

4189 NG

4 1/2" w. Oval Shellflower Rosemilk Iridized Treasure Box

For a closer look at Fenton Treasure Boxes, visit an authorized Fenton dealer today.

To find a dealer near you, click here.

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