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March 30, 2007

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The Next QVC Show is Thursday, May 10

4-5 am and 4-5 pm ET with Guest Host: George Fenton

Relive the 1920s with Fenton's Retro Glamour Ring Pitchers

Go retro and relive the 1920s, an Age of Elegance in glass ... jet black handles combine with bold colors ... the unmatched perfection of blown glass.

Ring pitchers are available in French Opalescent with Fern Green, Indigo Blue, or Madras Pink.

9'' Madras Pink Opalescent Ring Pitcher

9'' Indigo Blue Opalescent Ring Pitcher

9'' Fern Green Opalescent Ring Pitcher

Celebrating the Basket Handler

The skilled basket handler has a scant twenty-five seconds within which he must accomplish his tasks: attach a glowing ribbon of molten glass to one side of the basket; deftly twist the rapidly cooling glass; stick if to the other side; impress the base of each side the handle with his handler's mark; and, finally, fashion the handle into a graceful arch.

In the 1950s, company President Frank M. Fenton and his brother Bill Fenton, who was Vice-President, decided that each Fenton basket handler ought to have a distinctive mark so that collectors could identify the artisan who had created their basket.

These marks, impressed at the base of each side of the handle, also help ensure a good bond between the handle and the basket. Each handler's mark is essentially circular in shape, but the designs within that circle are quite varied. Butch Wright's mark looks like a target with a bull's-eye.

Working closely with each basket handler during production at Fenton is a glassworker called a "handle gatherer." This worker uses a four- or five-foot long steel rod called a punty to gather just the right amount of glass for a handle. Naturally, he needs to know whether the basket is a large one...or one of our mini-baskets...or just in between!

The handling operation takes less than half a minute, but it never fails to amaze the many visitors to Fenton who enjoy the "up close and personal" tours which take them in small groups to the Hot Metal area of our plant. There's nothing quite like seeing the team (called a shop) of more than two dozen glassworkers working together to make a fancy Cranberry basket!

To see the marks of the handler

To read about Fenton's first basket handler, Frank O. Myers


9-1/2'' Handpainted Burmese Basket

Buy Now


5-1/2'' Rosemilk Diamond Lace Basket

Buy Now


7-1/2'' Celeste Blue Iridized Drapery Basket

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7-1/2'' Rosemilk Opalescent Iridized Panel Grape Basket

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9-1/2'' Sand Petals on Aquamarine Opalescent Stretch Basket

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7-1/2'' Aquamarine Opalescent Panel Grape Basket

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10'' French Opalescent w/Celeste Blue Paneled Basket

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5-1/2'' Aquamarine Iridized Basket

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5-1/2'' Violet Iridized Diamond Lace Basket

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Exclusively from QVC.com!

Fenton Art Glass Green Bunny Figurine

Item Number C16195
QVC Price $29.75

Crafted from fern green glass and handpainted in a green floral motif, this baby bunny figurine is the color of the clovers he loves to eat! Crafted with pride by the skilled glass masters of Fenton. Measures approximately 3-1/4" h. Handsigned by the artist who painted it.

To buy today, go to QVC.com and search for the item number.

Fenton Gift Shop Spring "Eggs"clusives...

To shop online for Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives, click here

Handpainted Garden Opal Satin Egg

A beautiful handpainted Rose Garden pattern adorns this collectible Opal Satin Egg on Stand, 3-3/4" tall. Each piece is proudly signed by the artist and is individually numbered. Limited to 3,000 pieces.

To buy the 3-3/4" Fenton Gift Shop Rose Garden Opal Satin Egg

Handpainted Ruby Egg

Produced as a Gift Shop Exclusive this collectible style Egg in rich Ruby has been handpainted with a floral motif. Handcrafted with pride by the artisans of Fenton Art Glass.

To buy the 3-3/4" Fenton Gift Shop Exclusive Ruby Egg

Handpainted Lotus Mist Burmese Egg

Produced as a Gift Shop Exclusive this collectible style Egg in Lotus Mist Burmese glass has been handpainted with a delicate floral motif. Lotus Mist Burmese is a color unique to Fenton, inspired by George Fenton and developed by Wayne King. Handcrafted with pride by the artisans of Fenton Art Glass.

To buy the 3-3/4" Fenton Gift Shop Exclusive Lotus Mist Burmese Egg

Everything is discounted in the Fenton Clearance Corner. All first quality items. New items added weekly! shop now

Original price $9.50 now $7.00 This Willow Green Mini Bunny is the perfect way to introduce a young collector to the wonders of Fenton Art Glass.

To buy the 2-3/4" Fenton Gift Shop Willow Green Mini Bunny

New! 2007 Catalog

Buy a Catalog or

Browse and Buy When you see an item you like, simply click on it. You will be taken to the item's detail page where you will be able to learn more about it and add it to your shopping cart.

Meadow Berry on Madras Pink

Robin Spindler's intricate handpainted design uses layers of sheer color and a special sponge treatment to create just the right burnished effect.


5 1/4'' Paneled Pitcher

Buy Now


6'' Candy Box

Buy Now


4'' Grooming Cat

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10-1/2'' Paneled Basket

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7-1/2'' Square Vase

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In the Fenton Sample Room this Week

1973 Orange Carnival Glass Leaf and Orange Tree Bowl

Bid Now (eBay)

Here's a blast from the past. This Orange Carnival glass Leaf and Orange Tree bowl (5" d.) was in the Fenton line for just one year (1973). The color is very nice, and there is even an original Fenton label inside!

Late 1960s or Early 1970s Milk Glass Rose Pattern Candleholder

Bid Now (eBay)

This Milk Glass Rose pattern candleholder (3-1/2" tall) was made in the late 1960s or early 1970s, so it does not have the Fenton logo. However, it has been beautifully decorated with light blue handpainting to accent the roses and leaves. We wish we knew who decorated it, but, alas, it's unsigned. And, we wish we had two, but we found only this one in Frank's Closet.

To Visit the Fenton Sample Room


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