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Fenton and Virginia's Gift Shop at Knott's Berry Farm... a partnership in quality and tradition

Knott’s Berry Farm
Shopping at Knott's is truly unique. From fine art and collectibles to Knott's famous jams and jellies, there is something for everyone.

Virginia's Gift Shop®
Offering one of the West's largest selections of decorative treasures and collectibles of all kinds! Virginia’s has commissioned the Fenton Art Glass Company to create exclusive pieces for its customers, in addition to offering many fine pieces from our regular line.

Fenton and Virginia’s Gift Shop are pleased to extend a special offer to selected collectors and bell enthusiasts!

To order either or BOTH Virginia’s Gift Shop EXCLUSIVE Bells, please call Virginia’s Gift Shop directly, at 714/220-5323, every day, 10:00 am to 6:00pm, Pacific Time.

“Johnny Jumpup”

Violet Bell

Handcrafted in rich Violet glass, each “Johnny Jumpup” Bell bears the handpainted image of exotic flowers and a lively inchworm! Complete with a crystal clapper suspended by a metal chain, each Bell is signed with pride by the artist who completes it.



Willow Green Bell

Relax to the sound of the “Sunflower” Bell, handcrafted in sanded Willow Green glass and handpainted with a splashy sunflower design. A darling blue butterfly flutters by; each Bell is completed with a crystal clapper and signed with pride by the artist who handpaints it. $45.00

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