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Thursday, April 13, 2006


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Since its inception in 1993...

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Fetty Favrene Egg Sale!

Gift Shop Exclusives by Susan Bryan!

2005 and 2006 Family Signature Series

Since its inception in 1993, the Family Signature Series has been a favorite with Fenton collectors.

As always, these pieces showcase many of the remarkable skills of our glassworkers and decorators. The color treatments and handpainted decorations surely underscore the "art" in Fenton Art Glass! Each piece is individually numbered and limited to sales through June 15, 2006 or the stated limit for the piece.

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Those who enjoy the Fenton quarterly Glass Messenger will fall in love with this year's Subscriber Exclusives!

Designer Frances Burton's new Charleton Garden motif on a Beaded Melon Vase and companion Songbird recalls a popular decorating style from the 1940s, replete with 22k gold accents and lavish florals. The mould for the Beaded Melon vase dates to the 1940s, and the Songbird is one of sculptor Suzi Whitaker's newest creations. Each Glass Messenger Subscriber Exclusive is individually numbered and inscribed with the signature of a Fenton family member and the artist who completes it.

Just in time for Easter...

it's the Fetty Favrene Egg Sale!

The striking beauty of Favrene is highlighted with Dave Fetty's "Hanging Hearts" motif, carefully handworked into this 4 1/2" egg with the eye of an artist and master craftsman. This is a spectacular work of museum-quality art, perfect to give or to own. Each piece bears the Dave Fetty back stamp. Was $205. Now only $110.

To buy the Dave Fetty 4 1/2" Favrene Egg

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Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives by Susan Bryan

Our "Spring Melody" 6" Vase was designed and handpainted by Gift Shop Featured Artist Susan Bryan. Produced in rich Mulberry glass and handpainted with gold accents and a delicate hummingbird that sweetly flutters, seeking the nectar of a morning glory. This Featured Artist Gift Shop exclusive vase for April 2006 is numbered and strictly limited to only 100 pieces!

This lovely Fan Vase in Fenton's highly collectible Burmese glass bears a delicate handpainted floral design entitled "Spring Blossom," which was created and handpainted by Gift Shop Featured Artist Susan Bryan. This Gift Shop Exclusive is numbered and strictly limited to only 100 pieces.

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To buy the 8" Handpainted "Spring Blossom" Burmese Fan Vase

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Handpicked by a Fenton family member...

The Fenton heritage is showcased in the Family Signature Series. Each piece is handpicked by a Fenton family member as an example of the glass artisan's and glass decorator's finest work.


2005 and 2006 Family Signature Series...

4230 DT

9 1/2" Handpainted Burmese Basket

5980 JN

5 1/2" Vision on Aubergine Ruffled Fairy Light

5044 NA

3" Cranberry Blossom on Amethyst

Carnival Kitten

7480 QH

4 1/2" Mother's Day Limited Edition

Candy Box

7374 EU

11" Moonstruck Bluebells Aubergine Satin Pitcher

6359 EK

13" Moonlit Poppies on Black Vase

5165 A9

3 3/4" Golden Tulips on Autumn Gold Cat

6335 EF

10 1/2" Butterfly Minuet on

Turquoise Basket

8951 WB

7 1/2" Stargazer Butterfly on French Opalescent Vase

4112 9N

11" dia. Aquamarine Opalescent Dolphin Sandwich Tray

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