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Fenton Art Glass, handcrafted in America for 100 years, presents...

Fenton Art Glass offers our twelfth eBay Exclusive, "Lenten Rose and Winter Berries" Ruby Stretch Vase

The Fenton "Lenten Rose and Winter Berries" Ruby Stretch Vase will be available for both bid and "Buy it Now"

Fenton partnered with eBay to provide both auction and "Buy It Now" opportunities for the eBay community. Bidding will begin, Thursday, December, 15th at Noon ET.

This 6 1/2” tall vase is handcrafted and handpainted with a "Lenten Rose and Winter Berries" floral design created by Fenton designer Kim Barley. Each vase is carefully handpainted and signed with pride by the artist who completes it. The Fenton Ruby Stretch Vase is limited to just 300 pieces, created especially for eBay, and each piece is individually numbered.

First made about 1915-16, "stretch glass," as it is now termed by collectors, was a special kind of iridescent glass. Its production was an important part of Fenton Art Glass during the 1920s, and these pieces are eagerly sought by today's collectors. Now, many decades later, we make our products in much the same way.

After the glass is sprayed with a different solution of metallic salts to create the iridescent finish, the items are reheated so that they can be reshaped. As a skilled glassworker, called a finisher, reshapes the item, the iridescent surface stretches, creating a myriad of striations and a texture that is a delight to see.

Each Ruby Stretch Vase reflects some of the great traditions of the American glass industry as well as our pride in handmade art glass.

Beginning Thursday, December 15th at Noon ET, collectors will have the opportunity to bid on pieces numbered 1 through 5.

To bid starting December 15th...

Then, the eBay community will have the opportunity to purchase pieces numbered 6 through 300 with the eBay "Buy It Now" option.

For all of your Fenton needs shop online with an authorized Fenton dealer today, or click here to find a dealer near you.

Classic Ruby...the queen of all glass colors



Not just for holiday decorating, our 3 1/2" Ruby Sleeping Kitten makes a wonderful stocking stuffer...

Perfect for storing life’s

special treasures...


This 3" Fenton Willow & Emerald Trinket Box is handcrafted with pride by the glass artisans of Fenton.

Everyone loves

a playful puppy...


Limited Quantities of this Fenton Black Lab are available on eBay. Hurry, before they're all gone!  "Buy it Now"

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