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Step Right Up and Win a Prize!

With Fenton, you’re a winner every time! Carnival glass received its name because it was used as prizes at carnivals and manufacturers could still make it cheaply enough for this purpose. Rich with vivid iridescent hues, much like the look of oil on water, Carnival glass, an iridescent ware, is highly patterned pressed glass, prized by collectors and glass enthusiasts. For more than two decades Fenton letterhead proudly carried the phrase, “Originators of Iridescent Ware”, known today as Carnival glass.

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Enjoy a functional work of art. Fenton’s historic Carnival glass is handcrafted into an heirloom Candy Box designed to store everything from cotton balls to soaps and candies…

Save your pennies! To give or to own the whimsical

3 1/2” Fenton Piggy Bank

Fetch! Dog lovers delight! Collectors bark approval! To give or to own the 4” handpainted Golden Daisy on Amethyst Carnival Puppy

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