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Thursday, April 20, 2006


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Carnival Glass...A Fenton Hallmark

Dave Fetty Mosaic Eggs

Fenton Family Signing Events

Fenton Gift Shop Bridesmaid Dolls

Cranberry Blossom on Amethyst Carnival

2006 Carnival Collection

Carnival Glass...A Fenton Hallmark

Fenton Art Glass launched America's first Carnival glass treatments in 1907, and they have remained a Fenton hallmark. Collectors worldwide search for our finest examples of this "iridescent ware" that first put Fenton on the map.

Once again we bring you the most popular of our signature iridescent treatments in a medley of collectible colors - Red Carnival, Amethyst Carnival and the difficult Marigold Carnival. As always, we present pieces not made previously in these Carnival colors or shapes.

To buy items from the 2006 Carnival Collection

To buy the Amethyst Carnival Decanter Set - (pictured above)

Coming Soon to the Fenton Website -

Fetty Mosaic Eggs

Glass artisan Dave Fetty has created a splendid Mosaic Egg,
using black glass and green, yellow and red frit. This is a spectacular work of museum-quality art, perfect to give or to own. No two will be alike! But, all will have Dave's personal stamp!
Keep checking our website for details - www.fentonartglass.com

To shop for Dave Fetty exclusives

Fenton Family

Signing Events

Mark your calendar! A member of the Fenton family will personally sign your Family Exclusive pieces and all Fenton purchases. Reserve yours today. Check the schedule below for the location of an event near you!

To see if an event is coming to a city near you simply click on the Fenton Family Member's name or search by State Postal Abbreviation below.

George Fenton            Mike Fenton           Shelley Fenton Ash

Nancy Fenton              Scott Fenton          Lynn Fenton Erb


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Check out the

Fenton Gift Shop

Bridesmaids Dolls

The colors of water satisfy a yearning for peace and healing - Expand your horizons with this Turquoise Bridesmaid Doll. Deep white enamel is used to handpaint accents dress and flowers.

Produced as a Gift Shop Exclusive for our 100th Anniversary, she is signed by the artist and bears the FGS 2005 Centennial Exclusive logo.


Our Aubergine Handpainted Bridesmaid Doll is a new gift shop exclusive for 2006 and production is strictly limited. This piece is a perfect compliment to the "Vision on Aubergine" Collection. Each doll bears the artists signature along with the FGS 2006 Exclusive Logo.

To buy the 7" Handpainted Turquoise Bridesmaid Doll - (pictured above)

To buy the 7" Handpainted Daisy Chocolate Bridesmaid Doll

To buy the 7" Chocolate Bridesmaid Doll - Satin Finish

To buy the 7" Chocolate Bridesmaid Doll

To buy the 7" Aubergine Handpainted Bridesmaid Doll - (pictured right)

To shop for Gift Shop Exclusives

Cranberry Blossom on Amethyst Carnival...

Robin Spindler's Cranberry Blossom was inspired by our medley of rich Carnival colors. Striking cranberries and field blossoms reflect the red, gold and amethyst hues highlighted in the iridescent finish.


Selected pieces from our Carnival Collection...

6605 NA

17" Cranberry Blossom

on Amethyst Carnival

Ruffled Shade Lamp

4269 NA

3 1/2" Cranberry

Blossom on

Amethyst Carnival

Medallion Pitcher

5021 NA

4" Cranberry

Blossom on Amethyst

Carnival Pig

5945 NE

6" Amethyst Carnival

Covered Daffodil Box

5389 NE

5" l. Amethyst

Carnival Boat

5266 RN

4" Red Carnival


9458 RN

8" Red Carnival

Swan Vase

5751 5J

8 1/2" Marigold

Carnival Paneled

Grape Vase


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