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June 8, 2007

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Father's Day is Sunday, June 17

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"Outdoor recreation is a pervasive force in America, enjoyed by nearly every one of us and providing mental, physical, economic and social benefits. June is an especially active time for recreation in America, with millions of us commencing summertime activities and hundreds of annual events and meetings ranging from National Trails Day to National Boating and Fishing Week, National Family Recreation Week to National Clean Beaches Week. Recognition of the value of recreation and the importance of June as a time of recreation activity prompted Presidential designation of June as Great Outdoors Month for the first time in 2004." source: greatoutdoorsmonth.org

The Fenton family has always loved the outdoors. Pictured left is Frank M. Fenton in 1966 during a Fenton family vacation at a dude ranch in Colorado.

Several Fentons fell hard for sculptor Suzi Whitaker's new figurine horse mould, so each of these adorable youngsters bear the signature of a Fenton family member. The Fenton Foal in Autumn Gold bears the signature of Nancy Fenton.


More "Outdoors" Inspired Creations . . .

Penguins On Ebony Favrene Sandcarved Temple Jar

Connoisseur Collection ''Penguins'' on Ebony Favrene Temple Jar, designed by Kim Barley. One of our newest glass color treatments comes alive with whimsical Penguins created by meticulous sandcarving of the glass. The artist's design must be adapted to the curved surface of the glass, and the processes of masking and sandcarving are both time-consuming and expensive. Limit:1500

To buy the 6'' Penguins On Ebony Favrene Sandcarved Temple Jar

Red Carnival Tulip Bowl

Carnival Glass 2007 - To celebrate the centennial of Carnival glass, we have rediscovered and improved much of the original chemistry and techniques for iridizing glass. We salute the past and mark our place in the present with a panoply of Carnival glass colors in a wide variety of shapes contemporary. These pieces are surely the heirlooms of the future. This ''Butterfly & Tulip'' bowl is a nice addition to this collection. (stand not included)

To buy the 12'' Red Carnival Tulip Bowl

Autumn Night Handpainted Black Satin Vase

Autumn Night on Black Satin, designed by Robin Spindler. The crispness of Autumn and the depth of night...captured forever in an entirely new decorative technique...airbrushed colors are masked and sandcarved to reveal the background. A perfect addition to the Horizons Collection.

To buy the 6-1/2'' Autumn Night Handpainted Black Satin Vase

For the Golfer in Your Life! "Fore" Summer Pitcher in Aubergine

Four Seasons Mary Gregory Pitchers - Our quartet of talented decorating designers has done it again! Pitchers for all seasons! Four outstanding examples of a contemporary collector's classic Gregory-style handpainting on vivid Fenton glass colors. The mould for this pitcher originated at the Fostoria Glass Co. in Moundsville, West Virginia, about 70 years ago, and this is the first time we have used it since it was recently acquired from the Indiana Glass Co. ''Fore'' Summer Pitcher on Aubergine, designed by Robin Spindler.

To buy the 4-1/4'' Mary Gregory Style Aubergine Handpainted Pitcher

Week 2 of Dave Fetty's Internet Exclusives!

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be introducing 8 new Dave Fetty internet exclusives. They're only available at fentonartglass.com and will be offered in very limited quantities. Each piece will be embossed with Dave Fetty's personal stamp and individually signed by Dave himself. Check each week in the Fenton Newsletter for Dave Fetty's Internet Exclusives.


Dave Fetty Blue Mosaic Egg

Using black glass and multi-colored frit (including our new Sky Blue), master glass artisan Dave Fetty has created a remarkable Egg (4-1/2" tall). Note the yellow, green, tan and dark red colors in each piece. This piece is embossed with Dave's personal stamp and is signed by Dave, too ("Dave Fetty '07"). Only 21 available!

To buy the 4-1/2'' Dave Fetty Blue Mosaic Egg

Dave Fetty Blue Mosaic Vase

Using black glass and multi-colored frit (including our new Sky Blue), master glass artisan Dave Fetty has created a remarkable Vase (8" tall). Note the yellow, green, tan and dark red colors in each piece. The Vase has a hand-applied black glass foot. This piece is embossed with Dave's personal stamp and is signed by Dave, too ("Dave Fetty '07"). Only 27 available!

To buy the 8'' Dave Fetty Blue Mosaic Vase

To shop online for all Dave Fetty Exclusives

Fenton Gift Shop Chocolate Exclusives...

To shop online for Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives, click here

Handpainted Chocolate Satin Dragon

This Chocolate Satin Dragon has been given the perfect finishing touch with handpainted black eyes and iced wings. Produced as a Gift Shop Exclusive, this is a must have for any chocolate or animal collection.

To buy the 3-1/4" Fenton Gift Shop Handpainted Chocolate Satin Dragon

Handpainted Chocolate Satin Mouse

Adorable! Produced as a Gift Shop Exclusive this Chocolate Satin Mouse has been handpainted with a sweet face. This is a must have for any chocolate or animal collection.

To buy the 3" Fenton Gift Shop Handpainted Chocolate Satin Mouse

Everything is discounted in the Fenton Clearance Corner. All first quality items. New items added weekly! shop now

Original price $37.50 now $24.50 This Mulberry Blue Nut Dish will be the perfect accent to make a fun summer table display. You will find so many uses for this piece... fill it with nuts or candy, a votive candle, potpourri or even small flowers.

To buy the 6'' Fenton Gift Shop Mulberry Blue Nut Dish

Original price $29.50 now $22.00 Fenton's Irish Treasures collection is sure to bring a twinkle to the eye of all who behold each handpainted piece. Delicate shamrocks trail over fresh Milk glass, and each lamb is embellished with a sparking Swarovski dewdrop in the center of one lucky shamrock!

To buy the 2-1/2'' Irish Treasures Lamb

Original price $23.50 now $17.50 This lively colorful Fish Paperweight in Willow Green Iridescent is perfect for today's nautical theme. Handcrafted with pride by the artisans at Fenton.

To buy the 5'' Fenton Gift Shop Willow Green Opalescent Fish Paperweight

"Collectors, dealers and all who appreciate the beauty of decorative art glass will enjoy The Glass Messenger."

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Meet Kim Barley

Kim Barley has flourished as an artist since joining Fenton's decorating department in 1979. Her designs have become more intricate and elaborate as she's gained experience. Kim says much of her inspiration comes from her love of water. Kim's work has been recognized with many awards from the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators as well as the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED).

For more Information about Kim Click Here

Kim's Designs:


10 3/4'' Poppy Delight on Burmese Vase

Buy Now


8 1/2'' Mary Gregory Beachcomber Cranberry Vase

Buy Now


6 1/2'' Four Seasons Kitty Ride Emerald Green Bell

Buy Now


4 1/4'' Mary Gregory Style Emerald Green Handpainted Pitcher

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5 1/2'' Cat's Cradle Emerald Green Four Seasons Spring Fairy Light

Buy Now


3'' Pretty in Pink Rosemilk Purse

Buy Now


4 1/2'' Pretty in Pink Rosemilk Hat

Buy Now

In the Fenton Sample Room this Week

1966 Vasa Murrhina Basket

Bid Now (eBay)

Without a doubt, this is surely one of the most spectacular sample baskets we've ever offered on eBay! Made in 1966, this basket stands 10" tall and incorporates ALL of our famous Vasa Murrhina colors from that wonderful time! The Milk Glass core was rolled in multi-colored frit and then covered with crystal before being blown in a cast iron mould. Note the fine crimp and the ORIGINAL Fenton label inside!

1978 Custard Satin Vase Handpainted by Louise Piper

Bid Now (eBay)

Handpainted by the legendary Louise Piper, this Custard Satin vase stands 7" tall. The floral motif goes all the way around, and she has personally signed this piece: "Hand Painted by Louise Piper Oct. 5, 1978".

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