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March 2, 2007

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Horizons ... Designs for a New Generation

Asian Art on Aubergine

designed by Stacy Williams

Simple, yet elegant ... the graceful art of the Orient effortlessly spans centuries ... perfectly expressed today with matte gold patina on sanded glass.

To buy the 11-3/4'' Asian Art Aubergine Satin Handpainted Vase

Streamside on Blue Burmese

designed by Frances Burton

A summer breeze stirs wispy wildflowers ... as they bask in warm sunshine over water ... pure gold in the glass creates the soft pink ... the matte finish is a delight to touch.

To buy the 11-3/4'' Streamside on Blue Burmese Handpainted Vase

Sail Away on Indigo Blue

designed by Kim Barley

Triangular, tall, slender ... sandcarved sailboats accented with handpainting slide smoothly on a sea of Indigo Blue.

To buy the 16'' Sail Away Indigo Blue Handpainted Triangle Vase

Opalescent Big Dots

French Opalescent and Indigo Blue

Decidedly contemporary in shape ... moody blue tones and classic opalescent glass combine ... absolutely "spot on" for today's trends.

To buy the 10-1/2'' Big Dots Indigo Blue Opalescent Optic Vase

Ring Pitchers

French Opalescent with Fern Green, Indigo Blue, or Madras Pink

Go retro and relive the 1920s, an Age of Elegance in glass ... jet black handles combine with bold colors ... the unmatched perfection of blown glass.

To buy the 9'' Madras Pink Opalescent Ring Pitcher

To buy the 9'' Indigo Blue Opalescent Ring Pitcher (not pictured)

To buy the 9'' Fern Green Opalescent Ring Pitcher (not pictured)

Asian Trees on Burmese

designed by Robin Spindler

Graceful saplings rejoice in the spring sun as they bear their first fruit ... this simple Asian style is uplifted with 22k gold accents.

To buy the 12-1/2'' Asian Trees Burmese Satin Handpainted Vase

Autumn Night

designed by Robin Spindler

The crispness of Autumn and the depth of night ... captured forever in an entirely new decorative technique ... airbrushed colors are masked and sandcarved to reveal the background.

To buy the 6-1/2'' Autumn Night Handpainted Black Satin Vase

Red Sparkle

Milk Glass, Mica and Ruby Glass

Contemporary in shape, with a hint of retro style ... flecks of mirror-like mica are trapped between layers of white and ruby red glass ... sure to make a statement.

To buy the 11-3/4'' Red Sparkle Milk Glass, Mica and Ruby Vase

Exclusively from QVC.com!

Fenton Art Glass Ivory Satin Rooster

Item Number C111582
QVC Price $52.17

Truly unique. This fun rooster statue from Fenton is handcrafted of ivory glass that's sanded for a soft satin finish. A pretty handpainted spring pattern in soft aqua, pink, and lime green is accented by a polka dot and yellow flower pattern. A pink heart on the chest adds the final touch to the lively look. Designed by Kim Barley. Limited Edition of 2000. Individually numbered. Handsigned by the artist who painted it. Includes a Shelley's Keepsakes card.

(5-1/2"h x 4-3/4"l x 2"w)

To buy today, go to QVC.com and search for the item number.

New! Fenton Memory Game

This is our version of the classic memory game concentration.
Uncover all the blocks by successfully matching the image pairs.

Click here to play the Fenton Memory Game

Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives...

To shop online for Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives, click here

Handpainted Black Glamour Cat with Yellow Eyes

This irresistible and alluring Black "Glamour Cat" with yellow eyes and fashionable gemstone necklace will be sure to charm every cat collector or lover of fine beauty. Produced as a Gift Shop Exclusive, it bears the FGS 2006 Exclusive Logo on the bottom. Gemstone necklaces are available in the following colors: Purple, Light Pink, Dark Green, Dark Pink, Orange, Royal Blue (pictured), Light Green, Light Blue, Red and Crystal. Type the color of the necklace you want in the comments section when checking out.

To buy the Black Glamour Cat with Yellow Eyes

Handpainted Burmese Candy Box

The beautiful blush of Burmese glass is handcrafted with pure gold in the formula and has always been a collector's favorite. This lovely Burmese Candy Box with Crystal lid handpainted with a floral motif has been produced as a gift shop exclusive and is proudly signed by the artist.

To buy the 5-1/2" Handpainted Burmese Candy Box

Everything is discounted in the Fenton Clearance Corner. All first quality items. New items added weekly! shop now

Original price $66.00 now $42.75 Topaz Opalescent combines two rare glassmaking elements - depleted uranium and bone ash - to create a vivid yellow with soft vanilla accents. The classic shaped basket bears the handler's mark of the craftsman that applied the basket handle.

To buy the 10" Topaz Opalescent Basket

New! Studio Fenton

Browse and Buy

A bold new direction for Fenton Art Glass. Under the leadership of Dave Fetty, our team of talented artisans has revived hot glass decorative methods from the distant past and developed and mastered new techniques all their own. Each of these dramatic vases will be embossed with the personal stamp of Dave Fetty.

Exotic Butterflies

Fenton fans will be all aflutter over the bevy of beautiful butterflies. Designed by Kim Barley, each is decorated with rich, sheer metallic gold paint and a sprinkle of glitter to add to their character.


3'' Indigo Blue Handpainted Butterfly

Buy Now


3'' Black Handpainted Butterfly

Buy Now


3'' Ruby Handpainted Butterfly

Buy Now


3'' Autumn Gold Handpainted Butterfly

Buy Now


3'' Fern Green Handpainted Butterfly

Buy Now

In the Fenton Sample Room this Week

1960s Vasa Murrhina Swirl Pattern Shakers (set of 2)

Bid Now (eBay)

These Swirl pattern shakers in Vasa Murrhina make a great pair! The Milk Glass core was rolled in Blue and sparkling Aventurine Green frit before being covered with crystal and blown to shape. These were made in the mid-1960s and stand 3-3/4" tall.

Designer Sample Handpainted Treasure Box (France Burton)

Bid Now (eBay)

Here's the perfect "treasure box" for some of your goodies! The bottom of this Designer Sample is light blue glass, and the top, handpainted with delicate roses and rosebuds, is Milk Glass. The top carries this signature: "hand painted by Frances Burton". The diameter of this piece is 4".

To Visit the Fenton Sample Room


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