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Fundraising, Awards and Personalized Gifts

Looking for a unique way to raise money for your school, church or civic organization? Or would you like a personalized way to recognize a special student, employee, or business associate?

Let Fenton Art Glass help you…

Fenton Art Glass offers a variety of hand made items that can be customized for your organization or event. Start by choosing a piece of quality Fenton made glassware such as bells, paperweights, icebergs, or trophies. Then, send us your company or organization logo, award recipient’s name, event date, etc. We will hand-carve the items of your choice with the black and white artwork that you provide. Additionally, you can choose from the traditional elegance of the plain sandcarved glass or fill the carving with a bit of color to accentuate your design.

Many of our customers have found such success with our sandcarved glassware, that they have developed continuity programs, offering their customers a series of hand-carved bells or paperweights. The beauty and fine quality of Fenton glassware also brings prestige to award presentations year after ye


2006 Fenton

Sandcarving Catalog

The entire 2006 Fenton Sandcarving Catalog is online for you to view. Take a moment to browse through hundreds of incredible items!

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Fenton Bells 1
Fairy Lights 2
Paperweights 3
  Paperweights - Continued 4
Icebergs 5
Trophies 6
Mortar Bowl & Pestle 7
Beverage Ware 8
Awards & Gifts 9
  Awards & Gifts - Continued 10


Catalog Updates

Fenton Ornaments 11



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