7-1/2'' Black Satin Glass Butterfly in Green - Just 1 now remains!
Designed, Signed and Numbered by Robin Spindler

This satin-finished black glass Butterfly (7-1/2'' from front wingtip to front wingtip) makes quite a dramatic statement and is made even more special with Robin Spindler's creative design using marbles made from Fenton glass and applying gem accents. Robin airbrushed the top of the butterfly in green and added handpainted details on the wings and face, along with gem accents and marbles made from Fenton glass. Perfect for a desk or table ornament, it's sure to start a conversation.

Butterfly Back

Robin created seventeen of these butterflies - eight in Blue and eight in Green, and one remaining figurine as a one-of-a-kind in Purple to be offered on our eBay auctions!

She signed each one "JK Spindler 2013" and numbered 1 of 8, 2 of 8, etc. The back of this Butterfly is Black Satin (see photo).


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