6-1/2'' Rolled Top Cobalt Blue Stretch Glass Trumpet Vase


This Rolled Top Trumpet Vase is handcrafted in Cobalt Blue and features a stretch glass finish. The mould is from the 1920s and was also used to make the Fan Vase. The vase stands approx. 6-1/2'' tall. 

Stretch glass was first made about 1915 and played an important part in Fenton's production during the 1920s. Decades later we made this glass once again in much the same way. There were ten skilled glassworkers in the "shop" to create this vase. After the glass is sprayed with a solution of metallic salts to create the iridescent finish, the items are reheated so that they can be reshaped. A skilled glassworker, called a finisher, reshapes the item causing the iridescent surface to stretch. This process creates a myriad of striations and a texture that is a delight to see. Each piece reflects some of the great traditions of the American glass industry as well as our pride in handmade art glass. You can see some of the "stretch" finish on the close-up photo below of the butterfly handpainted on the rolled top.

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