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30'' Brass Chain with Picture Jasper Just 1 now remains!


Fenton Jewelry's Creative Spirit Collection is all about versatility! This collection includes necklaces and beads that may be worn a multitude of ways! A necklace becomes a wrap bracelet with the click of a clasp! Use Fenton handcrafted beads to change your style, color or mood! Use YOUR creative spirit, and make your personal fashion statement with Fenton USA Jewelry! Create it. . . Wear it. . . Love it!

Shown here is our versatile 30" Brass Chain with Picture Jasper. Wear it five different ways or come up with your own style! The chain is in two parts - a 30" chain with jasper beads and an 18" chain with clasps at each end. Here's a few styles to try: wear the short chain alone, wear the shorter chain inside the longer one, or attached the short chain to the jasper beads, or wear the long chain alone or wear the short chain as a wrap bracelet!  

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