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Hummingbird Minuet - Original Style - Teardrop Earring Pair SOLD OUT
Design by Truda ''TJ'' Mendenhall

This original style handcrafted Teardrop Earring pair in Milk Glass features a Hummingbird handpainted design by Truda (TJ) Mendenhall. Each Earring has the initials of the artist who completed it. Earring size ranges from 3/4'' to 1'' in length. Mix and match with our handcrafted glass beads for a unique fashion look! T

In an age of mass production, Fenton remains committed to honoring the tradition of expressive, handmade creations. Each Fenton Made in America Teardrop Earring pair bears the signature of handcraftsmanship; those slight variations that convey distinction, character and charm. Pair with our handcrafted glass beads!

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