Fenton Glass - The Third Twenty-Five Years
by William Heacock
Copyright 1989,1994

The third book of the series covering the years 1956-1980. 158 pages - with 39 color pages of period pieces. In addition to providing the history of the Fenton Art Glass Company from 1956 through 1980, this book also contains catalog reprints, ware numbers and color codes. The book illustrates many of the patterns and items most likely to be encountered by today's Fenton glass collectors as well as some of the more unusual pieces.

Among the patterns illustrated are Cactus, Coin Dot, Hobnail, Thumbprint, Rose, and Valencia. Colors shown in the book include Opalescent glass in Cranberry, Plum and Topaz; Wild Rose and Opaque Blue; assorted Overlay and Opaque colors; Goldenrod; Jamestown Blue; Silver Jamestown; Blue Marble; Burmese; Vasa Murrhina; Colonial Pink; Ebony; Jonquil Yellow; and Pekin Blue. Also illustrated are Bicentennial Glass items as well as Robert Barber Art Glass pieces.

 The book is authored by the late William Heacock, who had been a featured columnist for The Antique Trader Weekly and a contributing editor of the Glass Review.

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