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June 24 2008                 

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Fenton USA Presents... QVC Special Preview

Fenton Art Glass Company President George Fenton will appear as guest host on QVC  on July 4, 2008. The show, featuring Fenton USA glass, will be broadcast from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. For more about QVC and Fenton, click here. George Fenton will present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass. You will find these items available for sale only on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries their own extensive line which may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this collection.

C5724 Nursery Rhyme Set
Three-piece Matched and Numbered Set, Limited to 500

This three-piece set includes a Cobalt Blue Basket, an Emerald Green Pitcher  and a Ruby Candy Box. Each piece features a hand-painted  nursery rhyme scene in the
"Mary Gregory" style.

 The "Mary Gregory" painting style appeared more than 100 years ago. It describes glassware painted with white enamel resulting in raised details which create an image.

C5724-1 Basket: This 8'' Cobalt Blue Basket, with Little Boy Blue design, is
a Westmoreland mould with a 6 pt.
lily crimp and crystal rib twist handle.

C5724-3 Candy Box:  This 9'' Candy Box,
handpainted with Little Bo Peep design,
is from a 1920s mould

C5724-2 Pitcher:
This 6'' pitcher, handpainted
with Cat and the Fiddle design, is from an old Fostoria mould

C5702  Hummingbird
This 4-1/2'' Black Hummingbird is handpainted in metallic shades of green, gold and fuschia.  Kim Barley design.

C5704 Vase
This 7-1/2''  Burmese Diamond Optic vase has a flared top and is handpainted with white and a rose pattern and delicate berry and vine at neck and base. Kim Barley design.


C5705 Nautilus Vase
This 7-1/2'' White Opal Iridized
Nautilus Vase is limited to 250 pieces. Handpainted with seahorse and starfish design by Kim Barley in coral, gold and green. Shell has gold highlights.


C5707 Sea Horse
This 4'' White Opal Iridized Sea Horse
is handpainted with Kim Barley design to match the Nautilus Vase.
Sprinkled with glitter.

C5711 Comport
This 6'' Emerald Green Marigold Satin Waterlily Comport was first introduced in 1975. The  cupped finish with Marigold spray highlights the
bas relief pattern.

C5712 Frog
This 2-1/2'' Emerald Green Marigold Satin Frog is handpainted with Kim Barley's 
waterlilies and dragonfly design.

C5713 Candy Box
This 5-1/2'' Indigo Blue Colonial Candy Box is handpainted with white enamel floral design by Michelle Kibbe.

C5719 Sandcarved Vase
This 7'' Ruby Cased with Milk Glass Vase is sandcarved with a patriotic motif  designed by Kelsey Murphy. Limited to 50 pieces.


C5721 Horse
This 4'' Chocolate Horse is highlighted
with cream and brown on the mane,
tail and hoof. Michelle Kibbe design.

C5722 Ginger Jar
This 7'' Ginger Jar in Chameleon Green has a Black lid. Handpainted with Michelle Kibbe’s floral design.
Nancy Fenton signature.
Original mould made about 1932.

C5823 Kitten
This 3-1/4'' Burmese Kitten is a new mould and complements the Burmese vase (C5704).  Handpainted with a rose pattern designed by Kim Barley.

C6072 Vase
This 10-1/2'' Ruby Vase has a handpainted contemporary floral design by Kim Barley
and includes George Fenton's signature.

C6075 Perfume
7'' Black Beaded Melon Perfume with Madras Pink stopper. Bottle is handpainted in Charleton rose pattern designed by Michelle Kibbe.

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