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September 18 2008                 

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Fenton USA Presents... QVC Special Preview
Fenton Art Glass Company President George Fenton will appear as guest host on QVC on October 1, 2008. There will be two separate shows featuring Fenton USA glass to be broadcast from 5 a.m. - 6 a.m. and from 10 p.m. - 11 p.m. Eastern Time. For more about QVC and Fenton, click here. George Fenton will present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass. You will find these items available for sale only on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries their own extensive line which may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this collection.

C7325 10'' Orchid Vase in
Ruby Marigold Carnival
Vivid Carnival glass … and a recently-purchased mould used
by Fenton for the first time for QVC!


C7328  10'' Alley Cat  in White Opal
A collector favorite … all gussied up with glitter like our Glistening Woods figurines.  Michelle Kibbe design.

C7346  4'' Elephant Box in Chocolate
Historic Chocolate glass with
a splendid handpainted

decoration by Kim Barley.

C7347  10'' Vase
in Lotus Mist Burmese

A Fenton exclusive—perfectly decorated for Fall. with a
by Michelle Kibbe.

C7354 5'' Sparrow Figurine
in Sea Mist Green
Wouldn’t this perky bird go perfectly
with the vase? Michelle Kibbe design.


C7358 6-1/2'' Bell in Ruby

This graceful bell features a
new handpainted motif
designed by Michelle Kibbe.

C7359 6''- 7'' Swung Vase
in Aubergine Stretch
The flowing handpainted floral  design by Michelle Kibbe blends beautifully with the natural curves of this Aubergine Stretch swung vase.

C7360 6-1/4'' White Opal Sanded Angel
This Angel is handpainted with a sparkly ice pattern in bright Christmas colors. Design by Michelle Kibbe.

C7362 9-1/2'' Diamond Lace
Footed Bowl in Indigo Blue with
Milk Glass Edge and Nymph
The design talents of company founder
Frank L. Fenton are reflected in this
unique creation.

C7366 8-1/2'' Vase
in Black Opalescent

Our handpainted Mary Gregory
decoration captures the timeless
appeal of this glass history classic
with a design by Kim Barley.

C7367 2-1/2'' Squirrel in Ruby
This handpainted Squirrel
frisky and friendly …
that’s this Fenton Squirrel figurine
with a Michelle Kibbe design

C7368 7-1/2'' Paneled Basket
in Chocolate

First time ever …a basket in historic
Chocolate glass! The floral design 
by Kim Barley complements
the Elephant Box.

C7372 6-1/2'' Slipper
 in Emerald Green

Try this on for size! A great example
of Fenton craftsmanship with a
floral design by Kim Barley.

C7377 4-1/2'' Ornament by Ron Hinkle
in Cobalt Blue
This Ornament, created by Glassblower
Ron Hinkle, features a Winter design
by  Robin Spindler.

C7378 6-1/2'' Art Glass Bowl
by Nathan Sheafor

Designed especially for Fenton
by glass artisan Nathan Sheafor,
this multi-colored bowl is the
epitome of the glassmaker’s art.

 C7380 8'' Santa in Sea Mist Green
Handpainted with Kim Barley's design,
this Fenton Santa figurine should be on everyone’s Christmas list!

C7381 7'' Stylized Christmas Tree
in Sea Mist Green

This stylized Christmas Tree is all
“dressed up” for the holidays in a 
design by Michelle Kibbe.

C7382 6-1/2'' Vase in Aubergine

Aubergine glass is the perfect
canvas for our handpainted 
Colonial Scroll decoration
by Michelle Kibbe.

C7383 3-1/2'' Birthstone Bear with Jeweled Heart
This Birthstone Bear has a gemstone as its heart to match the month and comes with a personality poem for each month. 

C7385 3-1/2'' Mary Gregory Christmas Ornament in Ruby

Perfect for your Christmas tree,
this ornament features a
Mary Gregory-style decoration 
designed by Michelle Kibbe.  Dated 2008.  

C7386 3-1/4'' Sleeping Kitten in Ruby
We call her the Sleeping Kitten,
and collectors everywhere will want to add this Fenton figurine to their collection. Handpainted in a design
by Kim Barley to match the
Christmas Ornament.

C7387 9'' Vase in Indigo Blue

The beauty and grandeur of Winter
are captured perfectly in this
handpainted decoration by
Kim Barley on Indigo Blue glass.

C7388 4'' Blue Jay Figurine
in Indigo Blue
Colorful and full of energy,
this  Blue Jay calls attention to

himself throughout the Winter season.
Design by Michelle Kibbe.

C7389 10-1/2'' Tulip Vase
in Ruby Opalescent

The handpainted decoration
designed by Kim Barley
blends perfectly with the
contours of this Fenton tulip vase.

C7390 4'' Rib Panel Candy Box
in Emerald Green
Here’s a package you can judge by its cover...a Fenton candy box in festive Emerald Green with a design by
Kim Barley.

C7391 4-1/2'' Penguin Figurine
in Black
This Penguin is all dressed up for
the Holidays in a handpainted
design by Michelle Kibbe.

C7393 8-1/2'' Open Heart Arches Basket in Aubergine Opalescent
Aubergine Opalescent is a Fenton innovation, dating back to 1907
when we made a similar color.
Floral design by Kim Barley.

C7395 7'' Flip Vase in Burmese

Pure gold in the batch creates
the pink blush that collectors
love in Fenton Burmese. 
Design by Michelle Kibbe.

C7396 3-1/2'' Fawn Figurine in Burmese
This Fawn figurine is handpainted to match the Flip Vase in a contemporary
Fall design by Michelle Kibbe.

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Fenton Art Glass on QVC 
October 1, 2008

Show times:  5 - 6 a.m. and
10 - 11 p.m.  (Eastern Time)
Guest Host: George Fenton

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