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January 8 2009                 

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Fenton USA Presents... QVC Special Preview

Fenton Art Glass Company President George Fenton will appear as guest host on QVC on Friday, January 16, 2009. There will be two separate shows featuring Fenton USA glass to be broadcast from 1 a.m. - 2 a.m.
and from 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. Eastern Time. To learn more about QVC and Fenton, click here.
To view other
Fenton Art Glass items now available from QVC, click here.

George Fenton will present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia developed, especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass. You will find these items first available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive  line of Fenton products that may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this collection. To find a local dealer, click here.

C8429 8'' Trumpet Vase
with Mary Gregory Design
Our rich, Ruby glass is the perfect
canvas for this handpainted
Mary Gregory-style Little Bo Peep
design by Kim Barley.

C8437 Ruby Glass 13'' Cameo Vase

You'll simply marvel at this aptly-named
Fire in the Sky Vase. Made of Ruby glass
cased with Black glass by Frank Workman.
The intricate cameo carved castle and
 dragon design is by Kelsey Murphy and
Robert Bomkamp. Limited to 95 numbered 
and signed pieces.

C8455 5'' Double Heart
Chocolate Treasure Box

Our Chocolate glass, an historic color
dating back to 1907, is ideal when made
as a Heart Treasure Box.  It features
a handpainted floral design
by Michelle Kibbe on the cover.
Fill this Treasure Box with
real chocolate or something special
for the  perfect Valentine's Day gift
. . . or treat yourself!

C8439 Charleton 7'' Doll Figurine
A Shelley Fenton Signature Piece,
this Milk Glass Doll is handpainted in the Charleton style with a Kim Barley design of pink roses with metallic gold accents.  Design matches
the Heart Dish (C8508).

C8508 7'' Charleton Style Heart Dish

This Milk Glass Heart Dish has a
Hyacinth crimped ring.
The design, by Kim Barley, 
features  Charleton Roses and
Gold lattice, and matches the
Doll Figurine (C8439). 

C8463 4'' Rosalene Elephant
Our adorable Good Luck Elephant
Figurine (with upraised trunk)
is crafted in our Rosalene glass,
first introduced  in 1976. It features
a handpainted, stylized parade motif
by Kim Barley that's  sure to
please figurine collectors!

C8472 3'' Hyacinth Pig Figurine

Our Hyacinth glass provides the ideal
background for this cute handpainted
design by Kim Barley.

C8503 8-3/4'' Apple Tree Pitcher
This Apple Tree Pitcher is in our new Key Lime Opalescent color and features
a crimped finished top. Highlights are handpainted with yellow, pink and green on the sculptural apple pattern.  Design by Kim Barley.

C8582 Apple Tree 4'' Tumblers
Set of four Apple Tree Tumblers in our
new Key Lime Opalescent color match
 the Apple Tree Pitcher (C8503) with
Kim Barley's design highlights on
the sculptural apple pattern.

C8523 Aubergine  6-1/4'' Temple Jar
Tony Rosena designed the Temple Jar in 1978 and  Jon Saffell designed the cover mould in 2000.  Handpainted with the Colonial Scroll design
by Michelle Kibbe.

C8529 Chameleon Green
7-1/4'' Tobacco Jar
Our Canister or Tobacco Jar is crafted of Chameleon Green glass, a unique Fenton color. The jar features a grape pattern in deep sculptured relief around the outside of the jar and the cover.

C8540  4-1/2'' Cat Ringholder
Treasure Box in Key Lime
Great for a dresser or vanity or
cat figurine collectors! Handpainted
in a leaf design by Michelle Kibbe.

C8660  Ruby Glass  5'' Heart Perfume
This Ruby Perfume Bottle
features a Heart-shaped stopper.
Kim Barley handpainted design.

C8552  8-3/4'' Beauty Bowl  in Hyacinth
This bowl, made with a spinner mould designed by George Fenton and
Tony Rosena, entered Fenton's product line in 1985. Bowl is spun using a unique
spun centrifugal force technique.

C8556 8-1/2'' Vase in Key Lime
This tri-finish Vase, in our new
Key Lime color, features a
floral design by Michelle Kibbe.

C8560 Rosalene 6'' Drapery Bell
First time offered on QVC, our Rosalene Drapery Bell is handpainted with a delicate beaded floral design by
Michelle Kibbe. Rosalene glass contains pure gold in the formula which causes the glass to turn pink when reheated.

C8570 4-1/2'' Comport
in Aubergine Stretch
This Comport, made from an
historic 1930s  mould,  features a
six-point crimp and is sprayed
with metallic salts while hot to
give it the ''stretch'' textural finish.

C8571 6-1/2'' Swung Panel Vase
in Ruby Stretch Glass

This Swung Panel Vase is finished
with a handkerchief shape and
sprayed while hot with metallic
salts to achieve the stretch finish.
The  handpainted design is by
Kim Barley.

C8574 5'' Koi Fish Figurine
in Blue Lagoon Opalescent.

Handpainted design by Kim Barley
complements the C8461 Vase.

C8461 9-1/2'' Blue Lagoon
Opalescent Vase

A George Fenton Signature Piece and part 
of the Good Fortune Collection, this Vase
features a flared top and Honeycomb optic.
 The handpainted colorful tropical fish
design by Michelle Kibbe. Complements
the Koi Fish Figurine (C8574).

C8658 Bird in Nest Set
This unique set features our
7-3/4'' Bowl and 3'' Bird Figurine in Indigo Blue. The Bird is nestled on Topaz gems inside the bowl to create a "nest tableau." The Bird features a handpainted leaf pattern designed
by Michelle Kibbe.

C8542 Sanded Burmese
 5'' Lab Puppy Figurine

This delightful Lab Puppy figurine
 is handpainted with a Kim Barley
design to complement the Burmese 
Sanded Cut Top Vase (8663).

C8663 Burmese Sanded Cut Top 8'' Vase
Kim Barley's handpainted Vining Grapes design complements our Lab Puppy Figurine (C8542). Burmese glass is made with pure gold in the formula, which results in the pink blush.

Don't forget to set your clock!
Fenton Art Glass on QVC 
Friday, January 16, 2009

Show times:  1 - 2 a.m. and
10 - 11 a.m.  (Eastern Time)
Guest Host: George Fenton

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