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December 21, 2018

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Merry Christmas to you and yours. . .

From all of us at Fenton Art Glass
and Fenton Gift Shop!

Fenton Art Glass Presents. . .  Ideal Gifts or Treat Yourself!

Give a "forever gift" with handcrafted jewelry from Fenton Art Glass! We have a pendant for every occasion! These larger style pendants, handcrafted at the Fenton Art Glass factory by our talented artisans, make the perfect fashion accessory!

Carnival Rose



Holly Wreath

Northern Lights

Umbrella Boy

Spring Essence


Sweet Treat

Tranquil Pond

These beautiful pendants were handcrafted at the Fenton Art Glass factory in a variety of glass treatments and designs. They measure from 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" overall in length and include gold fittings. Several may also have color coordinating gemstone accents. The glass portion measures from 3/4" to 1-1/4" in length. Choose from the pendants shown above and mention the name and item# in your email order. Originally $75-$85, each pendant is offered at our holiday special price of $35 + $3.50 shipping and handling via USPS.


Don't delay sending your order in an email to as there is just one of each selection available. Orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in our other handcrafted jewelry, please click on the links below.

u Collegiate Jewelry. . . Click here!   
u Handcrafted Beads with Sterling Silver Cores. . .
Click here!

u Handcrafted Jewelry Accessories. . . Click here!


Please specify the  name and item# and email your order to
You'll receive a confirmation email. Please include your name and address, daytime phone number, price, and the quantity you wish to order, though in many cases just one may be available (first come, first served). Orders above $50 receive free shipping via USPS. A $3.50 shipping charge is added to all orders $50 and under. Orders are no longer processed online and must be submitted via an email as detailed here.

NEW Limited Editions from Fenton Gift Shop. . .

We are pleased to offer these new Limited Edition selections for pre-orders. Each piece features a hand painted design and will be signed, numbered and dated 2018 by one of our talented designers. The Iceberg Paperweights were made by Mosser Glass. The other Limited Edition pieces were handcrafted by Mosser Glass, using Fenton Art Glass moulds, exclusively for the Fenton Gift Shop. We are also featuring our Stylized Cat and Ghost Figurines in our newest color - Ruby!


NOTE: These Fenton Gift Shop Limited Editions are not guaranteed for delivery by Christmas. We suggest placing a copy of the photo in a gift card and give to the recipient so he/she will know that a special gift will be on the way soon. Our artists have been working very industriously, just like Santa's elves, to complete as many pieces as possible!

Fenton Gift Shop is pleased to offer this 10.5" Opal Satin Hurricane Lamp. The shade is 9.125" tall. This shape has been included in the Fenton line for many decades, with some styles dating as far back as 1939.


This two-piece Hurricane Candle Lamp provides the perfect canvas for Kim Barley's popular "Winter Fawn" hand painted scene. A fawn stands amidst falling snow. A winter landscape with snow-covered fence posts encircles the shade. Note the pine cones at the top. Each Hurricane Candle Lamp includes a battery-operated tea light which will provide a soft warm glow (top right inset photo). Each Winter Fawn Hurricane Fairy Light is $145.

This 5.75" Ruby Ghost really shines with Michelle Kibbe's fun scene of a bird seeking warmth on a cold winter's day. The big-eyed bird is decked out in a green scarf and a blue hat with white fur trim. The little fella appears to be dancing with joy at the sight of a large, steaming mug of hot chocolate sitting just outside the birdhouse! Michelle also painted details on the smiling ghost face. Each Hot Cocoa Ghost Figurine is $115.

This 4" tall Opal Satin Iceberg Paperweight features a hand painted design by Michelle Kibbe. You'll love the basket with two adorable tabby kittens peeking out

Note those big blue eyes and tiny pink noses! This will make a perfect gift for cat enthusiasts!


Each Basket O' Kittens Iceberg Paperweight is $80.

Pre-orders for the Winter Fawn Hurricane Fairy Light, Hot Cocoa Ghost Figurine and the Basket O' Kittens Iceberg Paperweight will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Monday, December 24, 2018. Please contact Fenton Gift Shop at 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line as well as your full name and daytime phone number so we may follow-up on your request.  NOTE: These Limited Editions are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery. We suggest placing a photocopy of the item in a gift card and let the gift recipient know that it's on the way!

Robin Spindler has created a spectacular matching set of limited editions! Her colorful subjects are the "Moorish Idol" fish.


Our impressive 11.25" Opal Satin Vase provides the perfect canvas for Robin's hand painted design as well as the 6" wide Crystal Iceberg Paperweight.


"Oohs and aahs" were a few of the comments when our office staff saw Robin Spindler's latest hand painted Limited Editions!


The colors on Robin's "Moorish Idol" Vase and Iceberg Paperweight are vibrant and her hand painted details are meticulously executed and a tribute to Robin's talent. Additional photos below show more beautiful views of each piece.

Did you know. . .

A graceful marine fish, the Moorish Idol is also one of the most challenging fish to keep in a home aquarium because it is so difficult to feed. It has to be fed several times a day with a varied diet.


Moorish Idol fish can attain a length of seven inches in the wild and about four inches in the aquarium. Its beauty is most evident while swimming with the color and shape of its body.


Each Moorish Idol Vase is $225.


The amazing three-dimensional effect of Robin's hand painted "Moorish Idol" scene on the Crystal Iceberg Paperweight (6" wide by 5.5" high) was challenging to capture with the camera!


Robin used a "reverse painting" technique, which she said is also challenging to accomplish! She painted the scene on the back of the iceberg in reverse order, then airbrushed the back of the paperweight.


When you gaze upon this crystal paperweight, it seems like you are actually observing this fish in an aquarium!

A section of the background is hand painted on the back of this paperweight with raised paint creating a three-dimensional effect. The back side was then covered overall to resemble milky-blue water.


The front part of the paperweight has a large Moorish Idol fish and some underwater vegetation and sea life. Note the swimming school of fish, starfish, coral, ferns, and other stunning details.


Each Moorish Idol Iceberg Paperweight is $95. 

You won't recognize the figurine shown here as our 4.75" Ruby Stylized Cat! Kim Barley did an amazing job transforming this feline into a wily fox!


The hand painted details on the body and face are true to life. Note the lush white furry chest and tail and those mesmerizing golden-orange eyes! Kim added a barn scene in winter, complete with snow-covered trees and falling snow.


Each Foxy Stylized Cat Figurine is $95. 


NOTE: These Limited Editions are not guaranteed for Christmas delivery. We suggest placing a photocopy of the item in a gift card and let the gift recipient know that it will be on the way!

Pre-orders for the Moorish Idol Vase and Iceberg Paperweight and the Foxy Stylized Cat Figurine will be accepted until midnight (ET) on Wednesday, December 26, 2018. Please contact Fenton Gift Shop at 1-800-319-7793, ext. 342 or email: and include the names of the items you want to purchase in the subject line as well as your full name and daytime phone number so we may follow-up on your request.

Fenton Gift Shop. . . Gifts for All Ages, All Occasions!

Complete your holiday shopping at Fenton Gift Shop with a varied selection of handcrafted jewelry, Christmas trees in Ruby, figurines, vases, fairy lights, candy boxes, ring holders in Opal Satin and Ruby glass, and more! Available hand painted or unadorned. Choose from new and vintage beautiful handcrafted glass gifts suitable for any occasion.

Fenton Gift Shop is located in a small strip mall at 2242 Williams Highway, Suite 108, Williamstown, WV 26187, just five minutes from the original factory site. Take exit 185 off of I-77. Look for the Fenton sign shown at left!


Visitors to our area: Stop at the West Virginia Welcome Center and pick up a Visit Fenton Gift Shop card with a special discount!

Attention Local Fenton Fans:
Be sure to check your local newspaper in December for special "in store" discounts! Special savings on the remaining inventory of Fenton Art Glass handcrafted jewelry and glass gifts for all occasions! Save $ now on the perfect Valentine's Day gift!
Inquiries: 800-319-7793 or 304-375-7772, ext. 342

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. December Holiday Hours: Closed 12/25 & 12/26; Open 12/27-29.

Handcrafted Glass Pendants by Dave Fetty. . .

Stop by Fenton Gift Shop to browse our new selections of Dave Fetty glass pendants! These lovely pendants make a great stocking stuffer for someone special or treat yourself! These pendants were handcrafted by Dave Fetty at Mosser Glass. Each pendant has Dave's personal stamp and his handwritten signature on the back. Sizes and colors vary, but the majority of these pendants measure about 1-1/2" in diameter. A 24" silver plated or gold plated chain is provided with each pendant.

Originally $75 each, our Fenton Gift Shop Holiday Special price is $60 each, including shipping via USPS!

Contact Fenton Gift Shop and mention the chain color and the number (shown in the photo) of the pendant you wish to order. Pendants with a silver chain are shown on top left and those with a gold chain on the bottom left.

Fenton Gift Shop is located at 2242 Williams Hwy., Suite 108, Williamstown, WV 26187. (Located in a strip mall on State Route 14)
Phone: 800-319-7793, ext. 342 or 304-375-7772. OR send an email:

Glass Identification Requests. . .

We no longer have staff to research inquiries about glass: value, history, identification, etc. Reference books on Fenton Art Glass do not include current price guides. We suggest you contact your local antiques dealer, the local library, or one of the collector clubs: The Williamstown Antique Mall (local) may also provide assistance: 304-375-6315 or email: A piece like yours may be listed on eBay, which can provide current pricing information. Otherwise, please send email inquiries about glass "production" to:

Fenton Art Glass eBay Auctions. . .

Here's your opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind glass creation or items from Fenton's 112+ year history through our weekly Fenton Art Glass eBay auctions. These Fenton Art Glass eBay auctions will end on Wednesday, December 26th at 2 p.m. (ET).
Items featured this week.


Fenton artist Kim Barley loves the seaside, and her artistic talent and skillful hand painting have captured a wonderful array of sea creatures on this one-of-a-kind, two-piece Lighthouse fairy light in Opal Satin glass airbrushed with "sea blue"
tones for the perfect effect. Kim's design includes a seahorse, a crab and a starfish as well as seashells, coral, and undersea vegetation. Can you spot the oyster with a pearl? The moulds for the Lighthouse fairy light were among the last moulds made in the Fenton Art Glass Co. mould shop, and they were not used for regular production when Fenton closed in 2011. This lighthouse was made by Mosser Glass, using the Fenton Art Glass mould. The Lighthouse is 8" tall overall, and a battery operated tea light is included.

Fenton artist Michelle Kibbe has really "dressed up" this Turtle figurine with her hand painting skills to fashion a great one-of-a-kind item. The Turtle (4" long) is Opal Satin glass, handcrafted at Mosser Glass using the Fenton Art Glass mould. Michelle's delicate airbrushing has created a shimmering pink iridescent look. The hand painted multi-colored flowers are delightfully petite and the gold highlights are meticulously done... every brushstroke is just perfect!

Here's a great opportunity to own a piece of Fenton history! In the mid-1960s, the Fenton Art Glass Co. office area and the Fenton Gift Shop underwent considerable remodeling. Attractive brick facing was constructed on exterior areas, and the iconic "Clarence" figure was mounted above the gift shop entrance. Colored glass panels, made by skilled glassworkers at Fenton, were placed around the entrance door to the Fenton Gift Shop and around the entrance door to the reception area of the Fenton Art Glass Company. Demolition of the Fenton factory was completed, and a new school is being built at the site, but the colored glass panels have been saved. This colored glass panel measures 11.75" tall by 8.75" wide. We call this color "amberina," because the pressed glass panel was made with ruby glass and only the thicker central area has the red hues characteristic of ruby. This is the last panel remaining Amberina panel! There are a few minor chips near the edges on the back side of this panel. This colored glass panel has been signed by Fenton Art Glass Co. president George Fenton and by Fenton Gift Shop president Randy Fenton, and a certificate of authenticity is also included.
These Fenton Art Glass eBay auctions will end at 2 p.m. (ET) on Wednesday, December 26th, 2018.

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