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May 14, 2013 Fenton Home | Customer Service | Shop Online

Dear Friend of Fenton glass,

Time is running out, but you still have an opportunity to "kickstart" glassmaking at Fenton by contributing to the mould catalog project. In response to inquiries from folks like you, we've prepared this list of questions that have come to us regarding this project and the USGlass organization. Only a few days remain to get this project started!

FAQ’s about USGlass and their Kickstarter project for a Fenton mould catalog

  1. Who is USGlass? USGlass is a newly formed company. Their agreement with Fenton Art Glass is to purchase the glassmaking furnaces and other equipment, lease the Fenton Art Glass factory building in Williamstown, and restart glassmaking.
  2. What glass products will USGlass make? At first, USGlass plans to focus on both functional tableware and art glass for collectors, developing new shapes as well as using traditional Fenton moulds. The Kickstarter project will help USGlass decide which moulds to use. The Fenton Gift Shop purchased the moulds at the public auction in 2012, and USGlass has an agreement with the Gift Shop to lease moulds for glassmaking.
  3. Where will the glass be sold? USGlass intends to sell through some major retailers and is also evaluating selling traditional Fenton products through established Fenton dealers.
  4. Does funding the Kickstarter project guarantee that USGlass will restart Fenton? The restart depends on raising sufficient financing to refurbish the glassmaking furnaces and equipment, hire glassworkers, and fund marketing activities. Fundraising is progressing on a parallel track (see details under the bio on the Kickstarter website). Those who invest in USGlass will influence their future directions, but the above plan is their current strategy.
  5. Why does the mould catalog cost so much? We have estimated the time it will take per mould to compile and enter data into the electronic catalog. When multiplied times 10,000 moulds, that is a lot of time! In addition to data entry, a program to access the information will be needed. It will also take time and analysis to decide what moulds will be most successful in today’s market.
  6. What is the involvement of the Fenton family? George Fenton, President of Fenton Art Glass and Randy Fenton, President of the Fenton Gift Shop, are very supportive of the USGlass plans. They are doing everything they can to help USGlass get started, including the Kickstarter project.
  7. What piece will be raffled off at the Director’s Council meeting in July? Several items were chosen from the Fenton Museum. See the Kickstarter website to have input on the one chosen.
  8. How will the “electronic catalog” be useful to collectors? The Kickstarter project is to create an “electronic catalog” of all Fenton moulds. The results will be very interesting to Fenton collectors and researchers about American glass because of the number of moulds we have from other historic glass companies. This reference will be an additional resource to help collectors determine the identity and history of items in their collections.

We need your help to make this project a reality and to "kickstart" the resumption of glassmaking at Fenton. Don't delay, make a contribution today. To make a pledge, click here, then click on “Back this Project”. Or go to and search for Fenton Glass. The deadline for pledges is May 20, 2013, so don’t delay. Pledge now! Thank you for your support!

Gene Bem
CEO, USGlass, Inc.
George Fenton
President, Fenton Art Glass
Randy Fenton
President and Treasurer, Fenton Gift Shop

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