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August 6, 2013
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Fenton Art Glass and USGlass News Update
(Williamstown, WV, August 6, 2013). During July 23-29, 2013, more than 200 collectors descended on Williamstown to attend two different Fenton collector conventions, to buy and sell glass, and to see longtime friends.

Gene Bem, CEO of USGlass, gave the banquet talk for the National Fenton Glass Society on July 29. Gene updated the collectors on the status of USGlass’ efforts to rebuild the Fenton brand and to restart full scale glass production at the factory in Williamstown.

Gene stated that USGlass is a newly formed company that was established to invest in the glass industry. The USGlass management team is focused first on the opportunities with Fenton. They have looked at several other potential acquisitions, but Fenton is the one deemed to have the most potential. They have several significant commitments for investment funds, but the amount is not yet enough to reopen the factory. Their target is to raise sufficient funding for USGlass to do the necessary refurbishment of the Fenton furnaces and equipment and to operate the factory for at least a year to give adequate time for the business to become self sustaining.

The use of the Fenton brand is appealing to several potential investors, but those investors also have to be
convinced that the Fenton factory will be efficient and not require too much investment to restart glass production.

USGlass is currently working with Fenton to identify potential customers and possible glass products. The primary focus will be on major retailers that have a significant number of storefronts. Samples of glass products are being prepared. USGlass is also developing a website and a glass color reference to assist in presentations to potential buyers.

Although lots of effort is going toward exploring a variety of sales and investment opportunities, there is no definitive timeline for when a restart would occur.

While the efforts continue to find a way to restart full glass production, the making and decorating of glass jewelry is ongoing in a portion of the plant. The summer jewelry collection has just been introduced that includes a new line of sterling silver jewelry accessories.

Whenever there is something to report, we will post a "News Update" on the Fenton web site:
George W. Fenton
President, Fenton Art Glass

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