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Fenton USA Presents . . . Limited Quantity Online Lamp Special!

I7661CJ Cameo Carved Spiderweb Lamp, $650.00, Buy Now!

Nobody does lamps like Fenton Art Glass!
Each handcrafted Fenton lamp was created
in the fiery furnaces of our more than a century old factory in Williamstown, West Virginia. Using traditional American glassmaking techniques and tools, our talented craftsmen transform sand, soda
ash and lime into beautiful works of art for generations to enjoy. Each Fenton lamp reflects the history and craftsmanship inherent in its creation.

Our Limited Quantity Online Lamp Special includes this beautiful 10'' Cameo Carved Burmese Lamp with a magnificent spider web design! We don't think you'll find another lamp quite like this one! Handcrafted in our classic Burmese glass, which has pure gold in the formula to create the soft pink blush. The lamp design has a spider in its web nestled among ferns. This lamp uses a candle-shaped light bulb (narrow base). The photo at right shows the lamp with the bulb turned on and the inset photo shows the lamp without the bulb. As you can see, it is beautiful to display either way!

Cameo carving is an exacting art that demands both skill in design and great dexterity in execution. After the glass has been annealed, a special mask is taped to
the surface of the glass. Using an advanced “vignetting” technique, each piece is carefully sandcarved, by hand, using aluminum oxide crystals under pressure to take away some of the surface. Great individual skill and experience are needed to control this operation, as many distinct stages of successive cameo carving are required to create the remarkable depth and the intricate details.
There are just four of these remarkable lamps available.

This Mini Ball Lamp, handcrafted in Opal Satin, features a lovely handpainted scene by Michelle Kibbe. The hardware
is antique brass. Just three lamps are available in this style.

I8103HP Opal Satin 16'' Lamp
Michelle Kibbe Design
Buy Now!

The French Opalescent Mini-Ball Lamp shown at right features a handpainted Bamboo design by J.K. ''Robin'' Spindler.
Just six lamps are available.

French Opalescent 14-1/2'' Lamp
Robin Spindler Bamboo Design with
 antique brass handware
Buy Now!

Fenton's Focal and Vasa Murrhina Glass Beads. . . Wearable Art!

One of our newest handcrafted glass jewelry designs is the Precious Metals Focal bead. Precious Metals
add a new dimension to glass beads. They are used in two forms, melted into the glass formulas or added
as pure metals to the bead during the forming process. Shown above is the Elven Woods Focal bead paired with two of our Desert Sunset Vasa Murrhina beads. Designed by Jena Lane Blair, the Elven Woods Focal bead is impressive, not only in size (at nearly 1'' in length) but in its beauty. Jena used silver based Raku flakes to create a myriad of color within this bead.


Our shimmering Vasa Murrhina beads, such as the Desert Sunset ones shown above, feature a Fenton Art Glass treatment from the 1970s which uses gold aventurine frit (finely ground glass). Jena designed this unique bead which has glistening golden browns and rich turquoise. Click on each bead shown above or
click here to view the entire Fenton handmade in USA jewelry collection. Fenton handcrafted glass beads are compatible with most major brands of bracelets and necklaces. Bead accessories are not sold through at this time. We suggest you contact your local jeweler or other online supplier.


One-of-a-kind Art Glass Creations
from the Fenton Gift Shop. . .

The Fenton Gift Shop still has beautiful, one-of-a-kind
J.K. ''Robin'' Spindler creations available. We will be featuring select pieces in upcoming newsletters.

We start with these two magnificent vases, both showcasing Robin's artistic talents.


With Burmese glass as her canvas, award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler created a satin finish on the central area of this 8-3/4'' tall vase, leaving the bottom area and the topmost area shiny. After carefully sandcarving a geometric pattern in the bottom area, she handpainted a remarkably lifelike portrait of a fluffy, frisky Pomeranian! Everything about the portrait is splendid, from the delicate tones and colors to those wonderfully expressive eyes. It looks as if you can reach out and pet this adorable pet! This vase is signed by Robin and lettered on the bottom: "Fenton USA OOAK handpainted by J.K. Spindler 2012"


8-1/2'' Burmese Vase with Pomeranian Portrait
By J.K. ''Robin'' Spindler 2012
$295.00 Buy Now!


This striking 9.5" tall "one-of-a-kind" vase may appear to be black at first glance, but it is actually a very dark Emerald Green glass! Award-winning Fenton designer Robin Spindler used a satin finish on this piece, yet left splendid traces of the original iridescence.

The subtle tones of Robin's skillful handpainting really bring out
the beauty and depth of the raised floral pattern and geometric elements that were imparted by the mould during the glassblowing process. This vase is signed and lettered on the underside: "Fenton USA OOAK 2012 hand painted by J. K. Spindler".


9-1/2'' Emerald Green Vase
with Floral Pattern
By J.K. "Robin" Spindler 2012
$245.00 Buy Now!


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