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Special Offerings

3-1/2'' Blue Burmese
Butterfly Figurine with
Handpainted Metallic Accents
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This Blue Burmese Butterfly figurine features beautiful handpainted metallic accents
and is a must have for figurine collectors or as a gift for anyone who loves butterflies!

3-3/4'' Lavender Satin
Egg on Stand with
Handpainted Floral Design
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Beautiful Lavender glass with a  lovely handpainted floral design makes this Egg on a Stand a real treasure. This Lavender hue contains neodymium, so pieces will be different colors under various lighting conditions. This characteristic is called dichroic, and it makes Lavender a great topic of conversation. Try this color in different lighting conditions to see the change in hue!

7'' Turquoise Bell
Originally $30.00, Now $22.50
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The deep turquoise hue of this classic oval bell is reminiscent of a day at the seashore.

7-1/4'' Azure Blue Tobacco Jar
$104.50, Buy Now!


Based on an original Northwood design (ca. 1910), the Fenton Grape and Cable tobacco jar is one of our "most collectible" items made during the past four decades. These make an excellent collection, but just one is a great conversation piece.

Our latest version, in luscious Azure Blue, is certainly a beauty, and this color really makes those grapes sparkle!


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Find great glass home decor and wearable art gifts for yourself or someone special with these special offerings!

Fenton Fall 2011 First Final Offering


Fenton 2011 Third Final
Fairy Lights


Fenton Gift Shop Exclusives


Internet Special


Made in America Jewelry


While Supplies Last

Fenton International



Fenton USA Presents. . . While Supplies Last!

05688DZ - $69.50
6-1/4'' Vase in Lavender
Michelle Kibbe design

C533893 - $39.50 Special Price!
7'' Patriotic Opal Satin Doll
Shelley Fenton Signature

05087AZ - $39.50
4'' Robin's Egg Blue Dolphin Figurine
design by Michelle Kibbe

0V850R9 - $89.50
7'' Vase in Key Lime
Michelle Kibbe Design

As we continue to wind down the remaining glass inventory, many items have been moved from our "regular line" categories to the While Supplies Last category. Quantities  on these items are limited and and once they're gone, they are gone! You may choose from the selections shown above or click here to view the entire category. 

Make Your Fashion Statement
with Fenton's Handpainted Made in America Beads!

Fenton is the only beadmaker creating handpainted beads using high-fired enamel paints to give our beads unmatched design flexibility and strong durability. Shown above are examples of handpainted beads from our Spring 2012 collection, all of which were designed by Truda ''TJ'' Mendenhall.

Our Downy Woodpecker handcrafted glass bead is the newest addition to the bird series and we've added three more designs to the floral series.


Be sure to watch this newsletter for the Summer 2012 Jewelry Collection. . . including more bird designs and new handpainted animal designs! Click on each image for details or click here to view the entire Fenton Made in America handcrafted jewelry collection.


Receive FREE SHIPPING via the U.S. Postal Service on your Teardrop Earring order. Bead Frequent Buyer Program: Purchase ten beads from the Fenton web site or from any single Fenton dealer and receive your choice of a limited edition bead FREE! Click here for details.

Glassmasters Presents. . . Our Lady of Kazanskaya

GM1017 - Buy Now!
7'' x 8'' Our Lady of Kazanskaya Blue
Stained Glass Rectangle Panel, $37.00

GM1017 -
Buy Now!
7'' x 8'' Our Lady of Kazanskaya Red
Stained Glass Rectangle Panel, $37.00

The artisans of Glassmasters are pleased to present Our Lady of Kazanskaya. The Kazanskaya Icon is the most revered sacred object of Russia and was discovered by a 9-year-old girl, to whom legend has it the Virgin Mary appeared in three dreams to tell her of the miracle-working icon's location after being lost for centuries. Many miracles today are still attributed to the Kazanskaya Icon. Prince Mikhavlovich Pozharsky commissioned and financed the Kazan Cathedral to be built on Red Square in 1636 in honor of the Kazanskaya Icon being found. Although it burnt down, almost immediately a second structure was built at the state's expense between 1636 and 1639. Pozharsky obtained from Mikhail I of Russia the unprecedented title Saviour of the Motherland.

Glassmasters is world renowned for creating stained glass designs of licensed museum artwork and replicas of original stained glass windows using a labor intensive hand craft process. The imagery is painstakingly recreated by artisans who hand apply translucent enamels to cathedral glass in a traditional one color at a time process. Each color is fired into the glass at temperatures above 1100F degrees. Imported. “There is nothing else like it in the world!” Click here to view the entire Glassmasters collection. Imported.


Fenton Gift Shop Stretch Glass Offering. . . 
Z82849Z 5-3/4'' Indigo Blue Footed Leaf Bowl, $49.50,
Buy Now!

This Leaf Bowl has a beautiful center butterfly design. First made about 1915-16, ''stretch glass'' as termed by collectors, was a special kind of iridescent glass. Among the original names for it are ''Rainbow'' and ''Cobweb.'' An important part of Fenton's production during the 1920s, these pieces are eagerly sought by today's collectors. Our glass is made in much the same way. After the glass is sprayed with a metallic salts solution to create the iridescent finish, the item is reheated so that it can be reshaped. A skilled glassworker reshapes the piece, the iridescent surface stretches, creating a myriad of striations and a texture that is a delight to the eye.

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