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05835ZV Artist Proof
6''-6-1/2'' Swung Vase
Crisp Day on Autumn Gold
Numbered, Limit: 6
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This 6''-6-1/2'' Swung Vase is handcrafted in Autumn Gold. The fiery fury of Fenton's furnaces creates a liquid gold that, when cooled, is captured forever in the honeyed shades of Autumn Gold. This Vase features a handpainted Crisp Day on Autumn Gold design by Stacy Williams. Numbered and limited to six vases!

04740ZV Artist Proof
9-1/2'' Melon Overlay Vase
Crisp Day on Autumn Gold
Numbered, Limit: 5
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This 9-1/2'' Melon Vase is handcrafted in Autumn Gold Overlay.  The handpainted Crisp Day on Autumn Gold design by Stacy Williams features vining leaves and berries. Numbered and limited to five vases!

08812ZV Artist Proof
10-1/2''Overlay Vase
Crisp Day on Autumn Gold
Numbered, Limit: 5
$115.00, Buy Now!

This elegant 10-1/2''
Vase is handcrafted in our Autumn Gold Overlay and features Stacy Williams' Crisp Day on Autumn Gold handpainted design. Numbered and limited to five vases!

04707TW Artist Proof
9-1/4'' Melon Vase
Alfresco on Aubergine
Numbered, Limit: 5
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This 9-1/4'' Melon Vase, handcrafted in our deep, rich Aubergine glass with
a satin finish, strikes an elegant note. Stacy Williams' Alfresco on Aubergine design features a stylized floral motif that captures attention. Each handpainted vase is signed by the talented Fenton artist who completed it. Numbered and limited to five vases!


Fenton eBay Auctions

Own a unique Fenton creation, including rare,
one-of-a-kind pieces, through our weekly eBay Auctions! Items featured this week...

Fenton USA Presents. . . While Supplies Last!

I5268HP - $39.00

I5269HP1 - $39.00

I5363HP2 - $38.00

02077T1 - $25.00

I7362HP - $69.50

04410RN - $75.00

IV640QD - $63.00

We've added a new Shop Online category as we wind down our inventory of remaining glass: While Supplies Last. This category includes items originally produced as part of our regular line or as special orders, but now have limited quantities. Shown above are some selections from While Supplies Last.
Click on each item shown above for details or
click here to view all items currently available in While Supplies Last. Once they're gone, they're gone! Can't find it online? Please contact your local Fenton dealer! To locate an authorized Fenton dealer near you, click here.

Fenton Reference Material Specials!

Great buys on Fenton reference materials!
We've lowered our online prices!

Stock up now. . .
great gift ideas for the Fenton collector or to introduce someone
to Fenton Art Glass.

FG947 - Fenton Glass
Especially for QVC

Formerly $24.95
Now $20.00

FG973 - Fenton Glass Handcrafted American Glass Artistry, Hardcover
Formerly $49.50, Now $35.00

FG974 - QVC Version
Fenton Glass
Handcrafted American
Glass Artistry
, Hardcover
Formerly $75.00, Now $45.00

FG141 - VHS Video
Experience Fenton
Formerly $17.50
Now $5.00

FG209 - VHS Video
The Joy of Collecting Fenton Glass
Formerly $15.00
Now $5.00


Made in America Handcrafted Glass Beads

Give a gift of handcrafted jewelry to special someone this holiday season with
a unique gift that is
Made in America. . . or treat yourself! Fenton's collection of handcrafted Made in America glass beads and Teardrop earrings now includes new styles for special occasions! Accessories are not sold through our website at this time. Please check with the Fenton Gift Shop, your local jeweler or a Fenton retailer near you. Click on each image above for details or click here to view the entire collection of beads and Teardrop earrings.

HOT LINKS for great gift ideas!
Find great Fenton glass with these links to special offerings!


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