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Preferred Second
7'' Aubergine Overlay Vase
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For more than half a century, overlay colors have been produced by Fenton.
A core of colored glass is gathered and shaped by a skilled glassworker called a Blocker. Then, a layer of Milk Glass is gathered over the colored glass. Our glass technologists assure that the two layers of glass will match perfectly, expanding and contracting at the same rate.

Preferred Second
8-1/2'' Milk Glass Vase
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Preferred Second
8'' Ruby Trumpet Vase
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In the first half of the 20th century, glassmakers strived to make a uniform Ruby color suitable for railroad signals, lantern globes, and auto tail lights. Fenton's Ruby glass is made with selenium and cadmium and is a collector favorite.

Preferred Second
7'' Ruby Pitcher
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09761I3 - $49.50
Lotus Mist Burmese 5-1/2''  Cross Bell

Fenton USA Fall 2011
First Fin
al. . . Bells

Appealing to the eye, pleasing to the ear, delightful to decorate with and to enjoy that's the beauty of Fenton bells.

Our Fenton Glass Fall 2011 First Final grouping includes these lovely Cross Bells, handcrafted and handpainted with care by the artisans at Fenton. The two bells shown here are handcrafted in Lotus Mist Burmese. Each bell features handpainted accents designed by Stacy Williams, which add to the beauty of these pieces. Each bell is signed by the talented Fenton artist who completed it.

Company President George Fenton wanted to see if our skilled craftsmen could make an opaque green with a glass batch containing pure gold which would create a delicate pink when the piece was reheated. George and Nancy Fenton worked closely with Wayne King, the company's chemist, to develop Lotus Mist Burmese. The new color debuted in the Fenton Historic Collection in 2000.

09761HPA - $49.50
Lotus Mist Burmese, 5-1/2'' Cross Bell

The formula for Lotus Mist Burmese includes a chromium compound which gives the glass the green color. Opaque green colors have a long history in glass, but, to the best of our knowledge, Lotus Mist Burmese is a genuine innovation - the very first made from a heat-sensitive batch containing gold to create the pink color!

These handcrafted bells retail for $49.50 and make a perfect gift for pastor appreciation, Sunday School Teacher, confirmations, or as an inspirational gift for someone special. To order, please click on image or ware number.


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offered in our Fenton Fall 2011 First Final and be sure to check back to see what's new! Quantities may be very limited on many of the selections. Can't find it online? Our online glass inventory may be winding down, but authorized Fenton dealers around the country still have beautiful selections to choose from, so please contact your local Fenton dealer! To locate an authorized Fenton dealer near you, click here.

New Fall Designs for Fenton's "Made in America"
Glass Beads. . .
We have beautiful new designs for Fall in the Fenton line of Made in America handcrafted glass beads. Shown below are a few of the new bead designs. Fenton is the only beadmaker creating handpainted beads using high-fired enamel paints to give our beads unmatched design flexibility and strong durability. Each bead has a sterling silver core embossed with Fenton USA.

This holiday season, many people will be looking for Made in America gifts for that someone special. . . choose from our collection of Made in America Fenton handcrafted glass beads and Teardrop earrings. Click on each image to order or click here to view the entire collection. You'll receive FREE SHIPPING via the U.S. Postal Service on your bead and earring order. Fenton Made in America handcrafted glass beads will fit most major brands of bracelets and necklaces. Bead accessories are not sold online through at this time. However, we suggest you contact your local jeweler, the Fenton Gift Shop or another online supplier.


Internet Specials. . . Violet Iridized Alley Cat
One of Fenton's most popular items since we first made it in 1970, the Alley Cat mould originated during the 1920s at the U.S. Glass Co. plant in Tiffin, Ohio. Fenton acquired the mould in the mid-1960s. Since that time, we have made the Alley Cat in many different colors and decorative treatments, and each has been greeted with much enthusiasm by Fenton collectors, who just can't get enough of this Alley Cat's characteristic grin.

Our Internet Special Alley Cat stands about 11" tall. Michelle Kibbe added a whimsical handpainted design that perfectly suits this fun Cat who looks ready to play. The figurine is handcrafted in our jewel-toned Violet glass that has been iridized. The iridescent effect is achieved by spraying the Alley Cat while very hot right after it's taken out of the mould. The spray consists of special metallic salts, and it imparts a rainbow of colors to the glass. Fenton pioneered this technique more than a century ago, and our letterhead stationery proudly proclaimed us as "Originators of Iridescent Ware." Each piece reflects some of the great traditions of the American glass industry as well as our pride in handmade art glass. Click on the image to order... fewer than two dozen now remain in stock (C51770I). To view more Internet Specials, click here.

Fenton Auction: Saturday, November 12
The preview and auction will be held at Randy Clark's Dexter City Auction Gallery, Dexter City, Ohio (exit 16 on I-77). For photos and auction listing, visit his website: Preview: Fri., Nov. 11, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Auction: Sat., Nov. 12, 10 a.m.


Fenton USA Fall 2011 Signing Events on November 5-6!

Meet George and Nancy Fenton:


November 5: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Downtown Antique Gallery
Boaz, AL  256-593-0023    


         November 6: 2 - 5 p.m. 
The Bronze Look II,
Bluefield, WV  304-324-2933


George and Nancy will personally sign your Fenton Family Signing Event Exclusive Vase (shown above) and all your Fenton purchases only during these special events. Please contact each Fenton retailer for details.

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