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October 18
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Fenton USA Presents. . . QVC Special Preview for October 20, 2010

Do your holiday shopping early with beautiful art glass creations from Fenton USA! We'll have a wide variety of handcrafted glass for you to choose from on our next QVC show. The show will broadcast on Wednesday, October 20, 2010. George Fenton will appear as guest host. Show times are: 6:00-7:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).  To learn more about QVC and Fenton USA, click here. For a great reference book on Fenton and QVC, click here. To view other Fenton Art Glass items currently available from QVC, click here

We've been asked these questions by several collectors: "How can our QVC orders best benefit Fenton? Does the timing of our QVC orders impact Fenton's success on QVC?" Of course any order benefits Fenton, but both Fenton and QVC pay particular attention to the sales during the show and on the day of the show. The new Fenton pieces made especially for a show will be on not long before the show begins to air, and they can be ordered at that time and any later time until they are gone. However, the purchases of new items on the day of the show are what is most watched. We appreciate the help of Fenton collectors in their support of Fenton on QVC!

On October 20, George Fenton will co-host the  show and present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia, and developed especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass.  Items shown below will first be available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Click on each image for a different view. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive line of Fenton USA products that may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this collection. To find a local Fenton dealer, click here. To view other items available from Fenton USA, visit

C28157 Orange Slice Vase

Great American Glass Collection

 Shelley Fenton signature

Fourth in our Great American Glass Collection, this 9'' Vase is handcrafted in our new Orange Slice. Kim Barley's vibrant handpainted floral design completes the piece. Each vase is signed by the artist who completed it. Orange Slice is an artistic color with vibrancy and variety! The shades go from gold to orange, and may appear to have an opalescence on the edge.

C28158 Orange Slice
Squirrel Figurine

This cute 2-1/2'' Squirrel figurine is
handcrafted in Orange Slice. The
handpainted design, by Kim Barley,
complements the design of the (C28057)
Great American Glass Collection Vase.
Each handpainted figurine is signed
by the artist who completed it. The
Squirrel mould was one of the new
animal figurines designed by
Tony Rosena and was introduced
in 1985. It is airbrushed with
Antique Gold and Amber highlights.

28168 Cobalt Trumpet Vase


Handcrafted in our Cobalt Stretch
glass, this beautiful 8'' Trumpet Vase
features a rolled edge. Michelle Kibbe's
handpainted floral design appears on
the front and back of this lovely vase.
Each vase is signed by the Fenton
artist who completed it.

C28170 Raspberry Iridized Vase

This beautiful 7-1/2'' Vase is
handcrafted in Raspberry glass
and iridized for added sparkle!
The lush handpainted floral design, 
which appears on both sides
of the vase, is by Stacy Williams.

C28180 Cobalt Teardrop Covered Box

Our 6" diameter Teardrop Covered Box
is handcrafted in Cobalt and Milk Glass.
Click on the image for a view of the Milk Glass interior! The lid is handcrafted in Cobalt glass.

C28186 Grape Covered Box
Nancy Fenton signature

This 7-1/4'' Grape Covered Box is handcrafted in Lavender Satin Glass. The raised grapes, leaves, and stem patterns are all handpainted with a Michelle Kibbe design. Each Box is signed by the Fenton artist who completed it.

C28159 Crystal Birthstone Bear

Handcrafted in satin finished Crystal glass, each 3-1/2'' Bear figurine is
then iridized for added sparkle! The handpainted design for the eyes is by Kim Barley. Each Bear figurine has a colored heart accent to represent the birthstone and comes with a poem about the birth month. Click on the image for a closeup view of that adorable face!


8192 Jolly Green Cat Figurine

Our 3-1/2'' Cat figurine is handcrafted
in a new color, Jolly Green. It features
a  handpainted festive holiday design
by Michelle Kibbe. Each figurine is	
signed by the Fenton artist who
completed it. The mould was designed
by Tony Rosena in 1979 and was first
featured on QVC in 1989 in Shell Pink.



C28165 Cobalt
Hummingbird Figurine

Our  4'' Hummingbird figurine is handcrafted in Cobalt glass. The handpainted design by Michelle Kibbe creates the effect of flower petals on the inside of the wings. Click on the image for a detail view! Jon Saffell designed this mould in 2003.

C28195 Lavender Satin
Angel Figurine

This radiant 7-1/2'' Angel figurine
is handcrafted in Lavender Satin glass.
The figurine features a beautiful
handpainted floral design by
Stacy Williams. 


8196 Blue Burmese Santa Figurine

Our popular 8-1/2'' Santa figurine is
handcrafted in Blue Burmese glass with
a sanded finish and features a design by
Michelle Kibbe. Burmese glass contains
pure gold in the formula which creates
a soft pink blush in the finished piece. The
mould was designed by Jon Saffell in 1998.

C28164 Burmese Snowman

Handcrafted in Burmese glass with a satin finish, this 4'' Snowman figurine features a whimsical design by Michelle Kibbe. The mould was designed by Jon Saffell in 2000.
Click on the image for a closeup view!

C28201 Ruby Pitcher

Go retro with this 9" Pitcher, handcrafted in our rich Ruby glass. The pitcher features a Black glass handle. The mould originated
in the 1930s at the Indiana Glass Company.

C28160 Crystal Satin Bell  -
Dated 2010

Handcrafted in Crystal Satin glass, this

6-1/2'' Bell has been iridized for added sparkle! Inspired by the first Christmas Bell made for QVC in 1988. The handpainted seasonal design by Stacy Williams features a happy snowman.

Don't forget to watch the show!
Fenton Art Glass on QVC Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Show times:  6 - 7 a.m.
(Eastern Time)

Guest Host: George Fenton

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Many Fenton USA glass items  complement our QVC pieces.
Mix and match to create a
lovely display in your home!

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