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Fenton USA Presents. . . QVC Special Preview for July 4, 2010

Celebrate July 4th in patriotic style with beautiful art glass creations from Fenton USA! We'll have a wide variety of handcrafted glass creations for you to choose from on our next QVC show on Sunday, July 4, 2010, including several patriotic-themed pieces! George Fenton will appear as guest host with Fenton designer Kim Barley as special guest.  Show times are: 7-8 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. (Eastern Time).  To learn more about QVC and Fenton USA, click here. For a great reference book on Fenton and QVC, click here. To view other Fenton Art Glass items currently available from QVC, click here

On July 4, George Fenton will co-host these shows and present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia, developed especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass.  Items shown below will first be available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Click on each image for a different view. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive line of Fenton USA products that may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this collection. To find a local Fenton dealer, click here.

C28061 Burmese Sanded
Candy Box
Great American Glass Collection

 George Fenton signature

 Third in our Great American Glass Collection, this 13'' Footed Candy Box
is made from an historic
Westmoreland mould in Burmese. Stacy Williams floral design.

C28062 Burmese Cardinal Figurine

This 4'' Cardinal figurine is handcrafted
in Burmese, which contains pure gold
in the formula. It features a
complementary floral design	
to the C28061 Candy Box.
Handpainted design by
Stacy Williams.

28063 Ruby Vase

Handcrafted in our rich Ruby
glass, this beautiful 8-1/2'' Vase is
handpainted in the Mary Gregory
style, one of our most collectible
treatments. The design, featuring
a child with fireworks sparklers,
is by Stacy Williams  The mould
was designed by Jon Saffell in 2002

C28064 Ruby Bell
 Our 6-1/2" Bell is handcrafted in
Ruby glass and handpainted in the
Mary Gregory style to complement
the C28063 Vase. The scene
on the bell shows a boy watching a fireworks display. The handpainted design is by Stacy Williams.

28065 Robin's Egg Blue
Nautilus Shell Vase

Our 7-1/2'' Nautilus Shell Vase,
handcrafted in Robin's Egg Blue,
is iridized for added sparkle!
Kim Barley handpainted design.
The mould originated at
Cambridge Glass Co., but was
acquired by Imperial Glass before
Fenton purchased it. Fenton
is the only company to cut this
vase at a slant on the top.

C28066 Robin's Egg Blue
Seahorse  Figurine
Our adorable 4'' Seahorse figurine
 is handcrafted in Robin's Egg Blue.
This figurine was designed by
Jon Saffell in 2005.
Kim Barley's handpainted
design makes this charming figurine the perfect companion piece
for the Nautilus Vase (C28065).

C28067 Robin's Egg Blue
Fish Paperweight

This 5-1/2'' Fish Paperweight is a 1969
Tony Rosena mould. Robin's Egg Blue
and Aubergine glass are brought
together in a special process
and no two will be alike!
Note the lovely design details on
the base with waves and fish.


C28068 Lotus Mist Burmese Vase

Handcrafted in Lotus Mist Burmese,
 this beautiful 7'' Vase features a 
handpainted scene of  George Washington's
birthplace by Michelle Kibbe.
The vase is  inscribed with
Father of our Country
on the bottom.

C28069 Lotus Mist Duck Figurine
Our 5'' Duck figurine is handcrafted
in Lotus Mist Burmese to complement
the George Washington Vase
(C28068). The mould for this figurine
was designed by Tony Rosena in 1983. The handpainted design
is by Michelle Kibbe.

C28071 Cobalt Opalescent
Stars & Stripes Optic
Uncle Sam Hat Vase

This 5'' Uncle Sam Hat Vase
is handcrafted in Cobalt, covered
with  French Opalescent. It features a
Ruby glass edge and a Stars and Stripes
 Optic. Note the  crimped top
and inverted square finish.

8074 Cobalt Sanded Pillar Vase

This elegant 9'' Pillar Vase is
handcrafted in Cobalt with a sanded
finish and then handpainted
with a floral design by Kim Barley.

C28077 Ruby Overlay Melon Vase
Handcrafted in Ruby glass with a
Milk Glass interior, this stately 9-1/2''
Vase features a rich floral design
by Kim Barley. The mould originated
at Consolidated Glass Co. and we purchased it from Imperial Glass
in the  mid-1980s.

C28079 Violet Overlay Vase
This 8-1/2" Vase is handcrafted
in Violet glass with a Milk Glass interior. The mould originated
about 1960 and was first used for
coin dot pieces. The handpainted design features a Gerber Daisy pattern
by Kim Barley.

C28080 Robin's Egg Blue Stretch
Stylized Swung Vase
Handcrafted in Robin's Egg Blue,
one of our newest colors, this stylized Stretch Swung Vase is 9-1/2'' tall.
The mould was designed by
Tony Rosena in 1989, inspired
by a candlestick pattern.

C28083 Rosalene Basket
This 9-1/2'' tall Basket is handcrafted in Rosalene with a satin finish. Each basket handle has the basket handler's personal mark on each side. The mould was designed by Jon Saffell. The handpainted Poppy flower design is by Kim Barley.

C28085 Robin's Egg Blue Basket
This 5-1/4" Basket is handcrafted
in Robin's Egg Blue with a flared finish. The mould originated at Imperial Glass in the 1930s as part of their Cape Cod line. The handpainted Hydrangea flower, designed by Kim Barley,  features metallic gold accents.

C28086 Buttercup Puppy Figurine
Who can resist that face?!  Handcrafted in Buttercup, one of our newest colors, this lovable 3-1/2'' Puppy has a satin finish. The mould was designed by
Tony Rosena in 1986 and Jon Saffell revised it in 1998 adding more texture
and weight and fur on the tail. The handpainted design is by Michelle Kibbe.

C28087 Opal Satin Horse Figurine
Animal lovers will want to add
this adorable 4'' Horse figurine to their collection! Handcrafted in our Opal Satin and handpainted to resemble an Appaloosa horse. Design is by Michelle Kibbe. Mould was designed by Suzi Whitaker in 2006.

C28088 Key Lime Mouse Figurine
This cute 2-3/4" Mouse figurine is handcrafted in refreshing Key Lime glass and handpainted as a "girl mouse" with a polka dot outfit, red shoes and a leaf with a ladybug on it on her ear!. The mould was designed by Tony Rosena in 1984.
The design  is by Kim Barley.

C28090 Opal Satin Turtle Figurine
Handcrafted in Opal Satin glass,
this 4'' Turtle figurine is handpainted
to look like the real thing! Did you ever see a Turtle smile? Click on the above image! The mould was designed by
Jon Saffell in 2001. The handpainted design is by Michelle Kibbe.

C28092 Opal Satin Stylized
Cat Figurine
Our 5'' Opal Satin Stylized Cat figurine is standing tall and proud in a handpainted Patriotic bandana held by a gold star pin. Michelle Kibbe's  handpainted design also features blue stars. A Jon Saffell mould design.
A must have for cat lovers!

C28092 Rosalene
Daydreaming Bear Figurine
This cute 4" Daydreaming Bear figurine is handcrafted in Rosalene and handpainted with pink and red hearts and flowers and accented with a sparkling red heart on its backside. The mould was designed by Tony Rosena about 1990.  The hearts and floral design is by Michelle Kibbe.

C28093 Violet Alley Cat
Handcrafted in Violet glass, this striking 11'' Alley Cat is iridized for added sparkle! Fenton purchased the mould from the U.S. Glass Co., and it was originally designed by Reuben Haley.

C28094 Opal Satin Dolphin Figurine
Our 4'' Opal Satin Dolphin figurine appears to be jumping out of the waves. This figurine features a handpainted design by
Robin Spindler. The mould was designed by Jon Saffell in 2005. Each figurine has a Pearlized accent.

C28099 Lotus Mist Burmese
Perfume Bottle
Our Lotus Mist Burmese glass provides the perfect canvas for Michelle Kibbe's elegant leaves and butterfly design on this 7'' Perfume Bottle. This is the first time for the stopper to be shown on QVC!

C28101 Ruby Overlay Tumble Up Set
This 6-1/2'' Tumble Up Set features a 3" Ruby glass tumbler which fits onto the top of the glass water bottle.  The tumbler has a narrow rib optic.
The bottle is handcrafted in Ruby glass with a Milk Glass interior.

C28102 Robin's Egg Blue
Vulcan Candy Box
Our 6-1/2'' Vulcan Candy Box is handcrafted in Robin's Egg Blue and features a handpainted floral design by Stacy Williams. The mould is an old McKee pattern, circa 1900-1901, and sold as a "covered sugar."

C28103 Rosalene Appletree Pitcher
Our Rosalene glass really sparkles when iridized! The Appletree Pitcher mould originated around 1910-1912. Pair with C28104 tumblers for a striking tabletop display!

C28104 Rosalene Tumbler Pair
Handcrafted in Rosalene glass, these iridized Tumblers go with the Appletree Pitcher (C28103). This is an authentic reproduction of an original Fenton mould. The Fenton USA logo now appears on the bottom of each tumbler. Set of two.

C28105 Burmese Slipper
Our 5'' Burmese Slipper is perfect for the princess in your life! Handcrafted in classic Burmese, which contains pure gold in the formula, this slipper is handpainted with lovely florals designed by Michelle Kibbe. A pearlized accent on the front makes this slipper extra special!

C28108 Robin's Egg Blue Opalescent
Footed Bowl with Nymph
Handcrafted in Robin's Egg Blue with a Black ring, this 9-1/2'' Footed Bowl comes with a September Morn Nymph in Black glass. The Diamond Lace pattern bowl has a double crimp finish. Added to the Fenton line in July, 1950.

C28142 Key Lime Elephant Figurine
This cute 3'' Elephant figurine is handcrafted in refreshing Key Lime glass and outfitted in a bright circus outfit designed by Kim Barley. The mould, designed by Tony Rosena in 1983, features an uplifted trunk - a good luck symbol! A memorable gift to wish someone "Good Luck!"

C28143 Burmese Cameo Carved Vase
Limited Edition of 50 pieces!
Designed by cameo artists Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp, this magnificent 7'' Cameo Carved Vase is handcrafted in Burmese glass. Their design, aptly named Kittiousity, features a kitten attracted by butterflies and flowers. 

Don't forget to get up early for our first show!
Fenton Art Glass on QVC Sunday, July 4, 2010
Show times:  7-8 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. (Eastern Time).
Guest Host: George Fenton

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