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Fenton USA Presents. . . QVC Special Preview

We have many wonderful  glass items for you to choose from - many are on the show for the first time!

George Fenton will appear as guest host on QVC on Wednesday, February 17, 2010.  Show times: 2-3 a.m.,
10-11 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. (Eastern Time).  To learn more about QVC and Fenton USA, click here. To view other Fenton Art Glass items currently available from QVC, click here.  On February 17, Shelley Fenton Ash will co-host the 2-3 a.m. show and present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia, developed especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass. George Fenton will co-host  the 10-11 a.m. and 4-5 p.m. shows with a special guest, Fenton designer Kim Barley. Items shown below will first be available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive line of Fenton USA products that may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view
this collection. To find a local Fenton dealer, click here.

C27452 Blue Burmese Oval Vase

George Fenton signature
First time on QVC!

 Made with pure Gold in the formula,
no two pieces are alike of this exquisite
7'' Oval Vase in Blue Burmese.
Kim Barley's handpainted Cherry Blossoms and mountain range scene adds to the beauty of this vase. This vase is the first in our Great American
Glass Collection

C27453 Blue Burmese
Butterfly Figurine

This 3'' Butterfly figurine is
handcrafted in Blue Burmese
from a mould designed by
Jon Saffell in 2001. 
The Butterfly is handpainted
with Kim Barley's Cherry Blossoms
design to complement the
Oval Vase (C27452).

27454 Aubergine
Ginger Jar

Nancy Fenton signature

Our 7-1/4'' Ginger Jar, handcrafted
in elegant Aubergine glass,
features a handpainted
mother and baby bird designed
by Robin Spindler.
The mould originated about 1932. 
Perfect gift for Mother's Day
and sure to become a family heirloom!

C27455 Aubergine
Bird on a Log Figurine
This 3-1/4" Bird on a Log figurine is handcrafted in our rich Aubergine glass. This warm color was inspired by fashion and quickly embraced by home decorators. Robin Spindler's handpainted design complements
the Ginger Jar (C27454).

27456 Rosalene Melon Vase
Nancy Fenton signature

Our 9-1/2'' Melon Vase is
handcrafted in Rosalene glass.
A heat-sensitive glass, Rosalene
contains pure gold in the formula
 which turns from white to deep
 pink when reheated. Kim Barley's
handpainted design complements
 the Rosalene Songbird (C27457).


C27457 Rosalene
Songbird Figurine

Our 3-3/4'' Songbird figurine
was designed by Suzi Whitaker.
It is handcrafted in Rosalene glass
and sanded for a satin finish.
The Songbird is handpainted
with Kim Barley's poppy design
to match our Melon Vase (C27456).

C27458 Burmese Deco Floral Vase
First time on QVC!

Handcrafted in Burmese glass, this
9-1/2'' Deco Floral Vase is sanded and
airbrushed on the bas relief pattern.
The mould originated at
The Beaumont Company.

C27459 Burmese
Inverted Square Basket
This lovely 8-1/2'' Inverted Square Basket in handcrafted in Burmese glass and features a square twist handle. Michelle Kibbe's floral design features Austrian crystal accents. The mould was first used in the 1920s to make
a Melon bowl and vase.

C27460 Burmese
Lop Ear Bunny Figurine

Our cute 3-1/2'' Bunny figurine 
is handcrafted in Burmese
with a satin finish.  The mould
was designed by Jon Saffell in 2002.
 Michelle Kibbe's floral design
is accented with a pearlized
gemstone. A great addition
to a special Easter basket!

C01446 Plum Opalescent Raspberry
Round Vase
First time on QVC!
Our 6'' Round Vase is handcrafted in
Plum Opalescent Raspberry glass and
iridized for extra sparkle! This color was introduced into the Fenton line in July, 1959. Kim Barley's handpainted Hydrangea  flower design adds
to the beauty of this vase.

C27461 Raspberry Opalescent
Perfume Bottle

This 7'' Perfume Bottle with
heart-shaped stopper is handcrafted
 in Raspberry Opalescent and 
iridized for added sparkle!
Kim Barley's  handpainted floral
design features golden bands.

C27462 Plum Opalescent
Dinosaur Figurine
Our adorable 3-1/2'' Dinosaur
 figurine is handcrafted in Plum Opalescent glass which has been
warmed in to turn the edges white.
The mould was designed by Jon Saffell. The bright, whimsical handpainted
design is by Kim Barley.

C27464 Robin's Egg Blue
Spiral Optic Vase
This 8-1/2" Spiral Optic Vase in our new Robin's Egg Blue features an Aubergine glass butterfly accent piece. The handpainted design is by Michelle Kibbe. The mould was designed
by Jon Saffell in 2003.

C27466 Robin's Egg Blue
Bear Figurine
 Our 3-1/2" Bear figurine is handcrafted in our new Robin's Egg Blue. The mould was designed by Tony Rosena and is also used for our popular Birthstone Bear figurine (first shown on QVC in 1988) . The handpainted design by Michelle Kibbe features a floral motif in cream,
pink and yellow.

C27467 Robin's Egg Blue
Ruffles Basket
This 6'' Ruffles Basket is handcrafted
in our new Robin's Egg Blue. The basket features a double crimp with a lily finish and a square twisted handle.
The basket has been iridized with
a metallic salts spray for added
sparkle! Fill with jelly beans or
potpourri for a lovely Easter display!

C27472 Bunny Box in Opal Satin
with Black Bottom

Our 4-1/2'' Baby Bunny Box is an original Imperial Glass Co. mould which Fenton purchased from Indiana Glass in 2003. This Box features an
Opal Satin top handpainted with a design by Michelle Kibbe. The bottom features rubbed metallic gold around the top edge.
Create a unique Easter basket with
this beautiful Fenton collectible!

C27473 Buttercup American Vase
First time on QVC!

 This beautiful 10'' American Vase
is handcrafted in our new Buttercup.
The mould originated at Fostoria Glass
Company of Moundsville, WV. It
was introduced about 1915 and has
been very popular with collectors.

27474 Buttercup Tulip Vase

 Our 10-1/2" Tulip Vase is
handcrafted of Milk Glass with a
Buttercup overlay. The vase has a
rib optic with a Jack-in-the-Pulpit top.
The handpainted design by Kim Barley
features bright sunflowers. 

C27475 Buttercup
Duckling Figurine
Our 3-1/2'' Duckling figurine was designed in 1980 by Tony Rosena. The figurine is handcrafted in Buttercup with a satin finish. Kim Barley's handpainted accents on the wings and tail were made to  resemble a baby duckling.

C27476 Buttercup Rooster Figurine

This 3-1/2'' sparkly Rooster figurine
is handcrafted in our new Buttercup. The contours of the edges carved in the mould were done to reflect more light. The handpainted floral design is
by Michelle Kibbe.

27477 Key Lime Cat Figurine

Our 3-1/2'' Curious Cat figurine is
handcrafted in Key Lime glass and
 handpainted with a Daisy floral
design by Michelle Kibbe. The
mould was designed by Tony Rosena
in 1990 and has been very popular
with figurine collectors!

C27478 Cobalt Marigold Carnival
Mirror & Rose Bell
This 5'' tall Mirror & Rose Bell 
 is handcrafted in Cobalt Marigold Carnival  glass. The handpainted yellow and blue roses design is by
Michelle Kibbe.

C27479 Key Lime One Horn
Epergne Set
Our 9'' tall one-horn Epergne is handcrafted in Key Lime Opalescent  glass. A metallic salts spray adds a sparkling iridescence to this beautiful set. The bowl has a zipper crimp edge and the horn has a tri-crimped top.

C27480 Violet Swung Panel Vase
No two are alike of our 6-1/2''
Swung Panel Vase
handcrafted in Violet glass!
This vase is handpainted with a
Spring floral design by Kim Barley.

C27556 Frank Workman Offhand Bowl
This unique 5-1/2" Offhand Bowl
was created as a Fenton Studio piece by glass artisan Frank Workman. It features a light Apple Green color inside with blue stripes and white dots on the outside. Because it is created offhand, no two pieces will be alike and size may vary. The top is approx. 9-1/2'' diameter. The bowl is a
 limited edition 
of 100 pieces.

27710 Hyacinth Cat Figurine

Our cute 3-3/4'' Cat figurine is
handcrafted in Hyacinth glass.
The unique geometric design is
by Michelle Kibbe. 

C27711 Ruby Overlay
Teardrop Candy Box

Fenton's rich Ruby glass at its very best! Handcrafted of Ruby cased over with Milk Glass, this elegant
6'' Teardrop Candy Box needs
no further embellishment!

C27712 Burmese Vase

 This beautiful 9-1/2'' tall Vase is
handcrafted in our classic Burmese.
Burmese provides the perfect canvas
for Kim Barley's handpainted
country church scene. Each vase is
signed by the artist who completed it.

C27708 Fern Green Purse
First time on QVC!
Our 3'' Purse is really a covered box perfect for storing life's little treasures! Handcrafted in Fern Green with a lovely handpainted floral pattern designed by
CC Hardman, each piece is signed by
the artist who completed it. A great Mother's Day or Easter gift!

C27709 Hyacinth Vase
First time on QVC!
This 5-1/2'' Vase is handcrafted in Hyacinth glass and pressed with a diamond optic pattern plunger.
The top is flared with a six-point crimp.  Kim Barley's handpainted design is called Summer Whispers.

C27706 Buttercup Duck Figurine

This 3'' Duck figurine is handcrafted
in new Buttercup. The mould was
designed by Tony Rosena in 1980.
Mix and match with our 
handpainted figurines to create
an  extra special Easter basket!

C27707 Buttercup
Rooster Figurine
Our 3-1/2'' Rooster figurine is handcrafted in Buttercup. Perfect for
a beginning Fenton collector or figurine collector! Complements
the handpainted Rooster (C27476).

Don't forget to set your alarm clock
for our first show!
Fenton Art Glass on QVC
Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Show times:
2-3 a.m., 10-11 a.m..
and 4-5 p.m. (Eastern Time).

Guest Fenton Hosts:
Shelley Fenton Ash and George Fenton
Special Fenton Guest: Kim Barley

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