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November 22
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7'' Canaan Valley on Cobalt Doll, $61.00,
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The picturesque Canaan Valley of West Virginia is celebrated once again in this new Gift Shop Exclusive Doll. Each Canaan Valley piece features the West Virginia state bird, a bright red male Cardinal, within Robin Spindler's original design which has been freshened with new design highlights by Michelle Kibbe.

7'' Emerlad Green Satin Doll
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Produced as a new Fenton Gift Shop Exclusive, this handpainted Emerald Green Satin Bridesmaid Doll features a delicate snowflake motif.



Opal Iridized Snowman Egg on a Stand
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A limited quantity was produced of this Fenton Gift Shop Exclusive. The Opal Iridized Egg on a stand is handpainted with a jolly snowman winter scene. Fenton eggs have always been popular and this piece will be a great addition to your collection.



3-3/4'' Winter Aura
Egg on a Stand
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Michelle Kibbe's Winter Aura design continues to grace our glass pieces, including this Gift Shop Exclusive Egg on a Stand.

8'' Simplicity on Violet Vase
Fall 2010 Horizons Collection, $99.50

Fenton USA Presents . . .

The Horizons Collection

The Horizons Collection from Fenton USA was created to be Designs for the Next Generation. Included in our Fall 2010 Horizons Collection is this lovely 8'' Vase, named Simplicity on Violet. The design, by Stacy Williams, features a stylized floral motif.

Long the color of royalty, Violet, a rich jewel tone, remains a home decor staple. This vase is the perfect complement to French Opalescent, Lavender or any
of our Pink colors.

Compared to the other colors we produce,
Violet tends to cool more quickly, so our skilled glassworkers adjust to this characteristic by changing their pace as needed during production.

To view more new items from our Fall 2010 line,
click here. Can't find it online? Please contact one of our Fenton dealers! To locate a Fenton dealer near you, click here.

Internet Special. . . Adorable Animal Figurines

3-1/2'' Black Lab Puppy
Internet Special Price - $30.00
4-1/2'' Opal Satin Cat Ringholder
Internet Special Price - $29.00

A great way to introduce children to collecting Fenton is with the gift of a Fenton animal figurine, handcrafted in
the USA.
We have a limited supply of these two delightful pieces: a Black Lab Puppy figurine and an Opal Satin Cat Ringholder.


Our delightful
3-1/2'' Puppy figurine is handcrafted in Black glass and resembles a Black Labrador puppy. Stacy Williams added the handpainted design of the puppy's big golden eyes and the colorful bandana. This Puppy looks ready to play fetch! The figurine was originally designed by Tony Rosena in 1987, but was revised in 1998 by Fenton sculptor Jon Saffell. Jon added additional surface texture, weight and fur to the tail. Like our Cat Ringholder, you can use this Puppy figurine as a Ringholder also!


The 4-1/2'' Cat Ringholder mould was designed by Jon Saffell in 2002. The figurine was airbrushed in light brown and handpainted with a bright floral design by Stacy Williams. A pink stone accent on the largest flower completes this piece. Each handpainted Fenton figurine is signed by the artist who completed it. Click on each ware number or image to order or, to view all our current Internet Specials, click here.

Fenton eBay Auctions

Own a unique Fenton creation, including rare, one-of-a-kind pieces, through our weekly eBay Auctions! Items featured this week...

3-1/2'' Fern Green Rosebowl
Originally $37.00, Now $30.00

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Great gift ideas for $50 and under
from the Fenton Gift Shop!

3-1/4'' Merry Christmas Ruby Mini Bell, $37.00

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