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May 31
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The Artistry of Dave Fetty

Although he retired in 1998, Dave continues to contribute his design and glassmaking talents
to Fenton, producing unique items which are tributes to American art glass. Shown here is
the stamp which appears on the bottom of Dave's creations. Shown below are some production shots of Dave Fetty at work.To learn about Dave Fetty, click here.


You have a rare opportunity to acquire a Dave Fetty original work of art with FREE SHIPPING! That's right! We have located a very limited quantity (fewer than 5 of each!) of master glass artisan Dave Fetty creations. For a limited time, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on the three vases shown below. This offer expires at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 1.

Click on each image to order.

7'' Red Frit
Bubble Optic Vase

This beautiful 7" offhand vase is handcrafted of Milk Glass with a Cranberry frit bubble optic finished with a Cobalt edge that has a 7-pt. wire crimp. Each piece has the Dave Fetty stamp.

7-3/4''  Turquoise Feathers Vase

Master glass artisan Dave Fetty created this spectacular offhand Egg Vase (7-3/4" tall). The Turquoise color results when Milk Glass is cased with transparent Blue glass. The pulled feather technique is awesome to see (he uses an ice pick!) and minute flecks of mica add greatly to the visual appeal of this piece. The Vase has Dave's personal stamp and is signed by Dave ("Dave Fetty '07").

8'' Blue Mosaic Vase

Using Black glass and multi-colored frit (including our new Sky Blue), master glass artisan Dave Fetty has created a remarkable Vase (8" tall). Note the yellow, green, tan and dark red colors in each piece. The Vase has a hand-applied black glass foot. This piece is embossed with Dave's personal stamp and is signed by Dave, too ("Dave Fetty '07").

We are offering FREE SHIPPING on the three vases shown above.
This offer expires at 8 a.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 1.
NOTE: This offer does not apply to other Dave Fetty pieces.

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