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October 1
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Fenton USA Presents. . . QVC Special Preview

For the upcoming holiday season or just because, we have several exquisite pieces for you to choose from for

our  October 6th broadcasts! George Fenton and Shelley Fenton Ash will appear as guest hosts on QVC on Tuesday, October 6, 2009.  Show times: 3-4 a.m. (Shelley), 9-10 a.m. (George) and 6-7 p.m. (George)
Eastern Daylight Time.


Come to QVC Studio Park in West Chester, PA for a very special Meet & Greet with George Fenton.  George will be at
Studio Park to meet his fans for pictures and a glass signing (limit one piece, please). Reservations are required and space is limited. Click here for details. Click on each image shown below for another view of the item. To learn more about QVC
and Fenton USA,  click here. To view other Fenton Art Glass items currently available from QVC, click here.

On October 6, George and Shelley will present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia, developed especially for QVC
by Fenton Art Glass. You will find these items first available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive  line of Fenton USA products that may include similar colors and moulds.
Please visit your local dealer to view this collection. To find a local dealer, click here.

C11458 Autumn Gold Square Vase

Fifth in the Good Fortune Collection,
our 7-1/2'' Square Vase in Autumn Gold features a handpainted white elephant design by Robin Spindler. Good Fortune logo and
George Fenton signature

C11470 Opal Sanded Elephant Figurine

This 4" Elephant  figurine has metallic
gold accents and a handpainted design
by Robin Spindler. . . the perfect
companion to our Square Vase (C11458)
in the Good Fortune Collection.

C11482 Persimmon Paneled Vase

Our 7-1/2'' Paneled Vase is
handcrafted in our Persimmon
glass. Michelle Kibbe's handpainted
Autumn design features sponge
 leaves with berry accents.


C11496 Opal Sanded Fawn Figurine
This beautiful 3-1/2" Fawn figurine

features Michelle Kibbe's colorful
handpainted Autumn design. Blushed
with Persimmon to complement the
Persimmon Paneled Vase (C11482).

 Lotus Mist Burmese Vase

Our 7-1/2'' Lotus Mist Burmese Vase has a
six-point crimp. Kim Barley's handpainted
floral design includes a hovering 
hummingbird. Scott Fenton signature.

C11785 Ruby Hobstar Vase
This 6-1/2" Hobstar Vase
in Ruby has a sculptural floral pattern. Mould originated at Imperial Glass Company around 1910-12.

1787 Aubergine Swung Vase

This Swung Vase is  9"-10" tall.
Handpainted floral design
by Kim Barley. The vase  is swung
into a handkerchief shape with
one side taller than the other.
Originally an Indiana Glass mould,
it was used as a soda fountain glass.

C11802 Burmese Tropical Bird Vase
This stately 9-3/4'' Burmese vase is sanded for a satin finish. Burmese contains pure gold in the formula
which creates the soft pink blush.
The bas relief bird is handpainted
in soft colors. No two pieces are alike!
Numbered and limited to 250 pieces.

C11803 Key Lime Lucere Comport

Our lovely 5-1/2" Lucere Comport
is crafted in Key Lime Opalescent glass
and finished with a six-point gentle
drop crimp. Lucere is the original
name for this Comport when it
was included in the
Fostoria glass line.

C11808 Opal Turkey Candy Box
Perfect for a your holiday tabletop
this season! Our 4-1/2'' Turkey Box
features a base of Hopsack Brown glass with an Opal cover. The cover has a vibrant handpainted Kim Barley design using seasonal colors.

C11810 Blush Rose Opalescent Basket

This 7'' Basket in our new Blush Rose color
has a six-point crimp and ribbed handle.
The handpainted rose motif was
designed by Michelle Kibbe.

C11817 Ruby Sanded Bird Figurine
Our 3'' tall Ruby Bird figurine is
lightly blushed with white and
handpainted with gold accents
on the wings and tail. Designed
by Michelle Kibbe.

C11823 Amber Squirrel Figurine
Our delightful 2-1/2'' Squirrel figurine is sanded for a matte finish. The figurine features a Michelle Kibbe design in realistic "squirrel" colors.

C11832 Opal Sanded
Polar Bear Figurine
This 3" tall Polar Bear figurine sports
a festive wintry handpainted design
in blues and greens by Kim Barley.
Note his scarf and green ear muffs!

C11836 Cobalt Penguin
 Our popular 4-1/2" Cobalt Penguin figurine is all set for outdoor fun
with his ear muffs, scarf and boots. The  handpainted gold and blue design
is by Michelle Kibbe.

C11837 Opal Mouse Figurine
This delightful 2-3/4'' Mouse
will bring a smile to your face! Handpainted with Kim Barley's
Halloween costume of mask, cape, magic wand, and colorful accents.

C11839 Opal Satin Angel Figurine

Our 5'' Angel  features a lovely handpainted Kim Barley floral design.
Wings are sprinkled with glitter.

1841 Aubergine Sweet Pea Bowl

 This 10'' dia. Sweet Pea Bowl
is perfect for your tabletop display!
 The mould  originated at Fostoria
Glass as part of the "Sun-Ray" line
made in the mid-1930s.
First time on QVC.

C11873 Burmese Oval Bell

No two are alike of this 7" Oval Bell.
The handpainted design by Kim Barley
features fall leaves and a Cardinal
perched on a fence.

C11877 Burmese Blown Ornament
with brass display stand

A must have for Burmese collectors. . .
Our 4-1/2" blown ornament by
West Virginia glass artisan Ron Hinkle
has a rib optic and no two are alike!
Burmese is the perfect canvas for
Kim Barley's elegant Magnolia design.

C11892 Burmese Lamb Figurine

No two are alike for our 3'' Lamb
figurine in Burmese. The handpainted Michelle Kibbe design features a
neck bow accented with an Austrian crystal. First time on QVC! 

C11895 Blush Rose Shoe

Our 5'' Shoe in new Blush Rose
 is sanded. The handpainted design
features pink and white checks and
flowers motif designed by
Michelle Kibbe.

C11899 Amber Iridized
Honeycomb Perfume Bottle
This sparkling 7-1/4'' Honeycomb Perfume Bottle is handcrafted in our Amber Iridized glass with a Crystal stopper. A new Fenton mould.
First time on QVC!

C10825 Ruby Blown Ornament
This beautiful ornament by
glass artisan Ron Hinkle is
hand blown in our classic Ruby
glass. The ornament is handpainted with reindeer flying above a wintry tree-lined landscape. Michelle Kibbe design. Includes a 9" brass
ornament stand.

C27318 Ruby Vase

Our classic Ruby is the perfect canvas
for Kim Barley's lush pear and floral
design on this majestic 11-3/4" Vase.
Numbered and limited to 250 pieces. 
George Fenton signature.

C27306 Autumn Gold Frog Figurine

This 2-1/2" Autumn Gold Frog figurine 
has a handpainted wildflowers
design by Kim Barley. The mould
was designed by Jon Saffel in 2001.

27304 Opal Snowman Figurine

Brighten your holiday display
with our whimsical snowman 
figurine! Sanded for a satin 
finish and handpainted in
bright seasonal colors with a
design by Kim Barley. The 4"
Snowman sports a green/red
striped scarf, earmuffs, and hat.
His red mittens are holding
a string of holiday lights!

27309 Opal Duck Figurine

Our 3-3/4'' Duck figurine is sanded
for a satin finish and handpainted
with a lovely Kim Barley floral design.

C27310 Violet Sleeping Kitten Figurine
This adorable 3-1/4" Sleeping Kitten figurine is a must have for the cat lover
or figurine collector! Handcrafted in
our Violet glass with handpainted
complementary florals designed
by Kim Barley.

C27305 Sky Blue Bird Figurine
Our 4" Sky Blue Bird figurine is handpainted with a bright floral
and bumblebee design by
Kim Barley.

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