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June 25 2009            

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Fenton USA Presents... QVC Special Preview with Red, White & Blue!

We have several patriotic-themed pieces for you to choose from for our July 4th broadcasts! Fenton Art Glass Company President George Fenton will appear as guest host on QVC on Saturday, July 4, 2009. There will be
two separate shows featuring Fenton USA glass with broadcast times of  1 - 2 a.m. and from Noon - 2 p.m.
Eastern Daylight Time. Click on each image below for another  view of the item. To learn more about QVC
and Fenton USA, click here.
To view other Fenton Art Glass items currently available from QVC, click here.

George Fenton will present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia, developed especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass.

You will find these items first available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive  line of Fenton products that may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this collection. To find a local dealer, click here.

C10709 Hyacinth Paneled Basket

Third in the Good Fortune Collection,
our 10'' Paneled Basket in Hyacinth features a handpainted dragonfly
design by Kim Barley.
Good Fortune logo
and Nancy Fenton signature

C10714 Hyacinth Frog

This 2-1/2" Frog figurine is
handpainted with a dragonfly design
by Kim Barley that is the perfect
companion to our Hyacinth
Paneled Basket (C10709)
in the Good Fortune Collection.

C10721 Dolphin Figurine,
Blue Lagoon Swung Vase
and Topaz Glass Beads

Our 6'' Swung Vase in Blue Lagoon 
creates the perfect waves to hold
our 4'' handpainted Dolphin
figurine. Topaz glass gems
provide the effect of the
 Dolphin jumping up out
 of the waves. 

C10722 Burmese Vase
This beautiful 6-1/2" Burmese Vase

features a Stacy Williams handpainted
patriotic design of a boy with a flag
pulling his pet puppy in a wagon. 
The puppy is wearing a festive bandana. 
George Fenton Signature
Limited to 2500 pieces

728 Opal Lab Puppy Figurine

Our adorable Lab Puppy figurine is
handpainted with an antique patriotic
bandana with a gold star accent.
Design by Robin Spindler. The perfect
complement to our Burmese Vase (C10722)!

C10732 Key Lime Alley Cat
This 10" Alley Cat in Key Lime
has a sanded finish and features handpainted vining blackberries designed by Michelle Kibbe.

733 Ruby Vase

Ruby glass is the perfect canvas for
this striking floral and butterfly design. 
The 10-1/2'' vase features a flared finish.
The mould was designed by Jon Saffell.

C10764 Ruby Butterfly
Our 3'' Butterfly is beautifully handpainted with a design by
Stacy Williams which complements 
the Ruby Vase (C10733).

The Butterfly
mould was designed by Jon Saffell.

799 Blue Burmese
Square Vase

Our lovely 8" Square Vase
in sanded Blue Burmese
has an inverted square top. 
The handpainted dreamy floral
design is by Michelle Kibbe.

C10813 Blue Lagoon Opalescent
Fan Vase
This 8" Blue Lagoon Opalescent Fan Vase features a handpainted sailboat scene designed by Michelle Kibbe.
The mould was originally
made in the 1920s.

C10867 Cameo Carved Vase by
Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp

This majestic vase is numbered and
limited to 50 pieces. Handcrafted in
 Ruby glass and cased with Milk glass,
the vase is cameo carved with the patriotic
Wings of Glory designed by
Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp.
Sure to become a family heirloom treasure!

C10869 Opal Sanded
Ellie Doll Figurine
Introducing our 7'' doll figurine,
named after Shelley Fenton's daughter, Ellie. Handpainted
with Kim Barley's patriotic
design. Shelley Fenton signature

C10828 Blue Lagoon Opalescent
Atlantis Bell
Our 6'' Atlantis Bell with sculptural fish
is handpainted with a Michelle Kibbe design in orange, lime green, and gold.

C10838 Cobalt Footed Swung Vase
Another patriotic tribute to America! Our Cobalt Blue is a perfect background for Michelle Kibbe's American flag
& fireworks design (with added sparkle!) on this 7''-8'' Footed Swung Vase.

C10858 Blue Lagoon
Perky Cat Figurine
 Our 3-1/4" Blue Lagoon Perky Cat  figurine is handpainted with
a fun floral design by
Michelle Kibbe.

C10859 Burmese Turtle Figurine
This delightful 4'' long Turtle figurine
will bring a smile to your face! Handpainted with Michelle Kibbe's
fun design of cross hatches and polka dots in pink, green, purple, and aqua. Great way to introduce a child to collecting Fenton!

C10861 Madras Pink Butterfly Box

This 5-1/2'' Madras Pink Butterfly Box features a Michelle Kibbe handpainted  design on the butterfly perched
on the lid.

451 Rosalene Scaredy Cat Ringholder Figurine

 Our 4-1/2'' Scaredy Cat figurine
makes a perfect gift for  the
cat lover or figurine collector
 in your life! Features a whimsical
handpainted daisy design with the 
word hello by Kim Barley.

C10486 Iridized Madras Pink Snail

This delightful fellow is in the pink 
with our warm Madras Pink glass!
The Snail is iridized to give
it added sparkle! Wait until you see
the closeup of the face! 

C10367 Plum Opalescent Fenton Horse

A must have for figurine collectors. . .
our adorable 4'' Fenton Horse!
Handcrafted in Plum Opalescent glass,
our Horse features Michelle Kibbe's
handpainted design of the white mane
and tail with gold paint highlights.

C10461 Rosalene
Dinosaur Figurine

This 3-1/2'' Dinosaur figurine is handpainted with a Kim Barley design featuring polka dots and a butterfly fluttering around a flower. First time on QVC! 

C10387 Rosalene Swirl Vase

Our 6'' Swirl Vase in Rosalene is
finished with a double crimped edge.
It features a handpainted 
Kim Barley design of tulips. 

C10440 Blue Lagoon Swan Covered Box
This lovely 3-1/2'' Swan Covered Box features a Blue Lagoon base and an Opal cover. The swan cover is handpainted with sparkling glitter and black accents.
Note the open neck on this unique Swan!

C10863 Key Lime Opalescent
Stretch Plate with Stand
This beautiful 11'' Plate, made in our Key Lime Opalescent Stretch (new for 2009), features Kim Barley's design of butterflies hovering around colorful flowers.

C10724 Burmese Top Hat

Our classic Burmese glass was chosen
for this special commemorative of the
200th Anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's
birth. Lincoln's birthplace is depicted in
summer with a handpainted design by
Kim Barley. The inside of the hat
is inscribed:
200th Anniversary of 
Abraham Lincoln's Birth
The Top Hat also has Scott Fenton's signature.

Don't forget to set your alarm clock for our first show! Fenton Art Glass on QVC  Saturday, July 4, 2009
Show times:  1-2 a.m. and
Noon-2 p.m. (Eastern Time)
Guest Host: George Fenton

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