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February 26 2009            

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Fenton USA Presents... QVC Special Preview

Fenton Art Glass Company President George Fenton will appear as guest host on QVC on Wednesday,
March 4, 2009. There will be two separate shows featuring Fenton USA glass to be broadcast from
11 a.m.- Noon and from 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. Eastern Time. Click on each image for an enlarged or different view.
To learn more about QVC and Fenton, click here.
To view other Fenton Art Glass items currently available
from QVC, click here.

George Fenton will present items made in Williamstown, West Virginia, developed especially for QVC by Fenton Art Glass.
You will find these items first available for sale on QVC in limited quantities. Your local Fenton Authorized Dealer carries an extensive  line of Fenton products that may include similar colors and moulds. Please visit your local dealer to view this
collection. To find a local dealer, click here.

C8427 Three-piece
Matched & Numbered Carnival Set
A Fenton hallmark, Carnival glass is highly collectible. This matched and numbered set is limited to 500.
The set consists of 6" Butterfly
Bon Bon, a 10" Butterfly Bowl,
and a 4-1/4" Butterfly figurine,
all handcrafted in Emerald Green
Marigold Carnival.

C8438 Cat Set in Chocolate

Figurine and Chocolate glass collectors
alike will want this cute set for their
collections. Set includes a  3-3/4''
Sitting Cat and a 3-1/4'' Reclining 
Cat with a handpainted design by
Robin Spindler featuring blue eyes and
a necklace with a sparkling blue stone.

C8669 Black Melon Vase

Our 8-1/2'' handpainted Black
Melon Vase is finished with
a cut off top and features a
stylized flower pattern
by Kim Barley. 

C9001 Blue Lagoon
Core Struck Vase
Handpainted with a floral design
by Kim Barley in blue, purple, green,
and white, this elegant 8-1/2" Vase
in our new Blue Lagoon color is
made from a Cambridge Glass mould.

C9009 Aubergine Cut Top Vase

Our stately 10-1/2" Aubergine Vase
is finished with a cut off top and features
a handpainted  stylized Iris design
by Michelle Kibbe.

C9013 Key Lime Opalescent
Tulip Vase
This handpainted 6-3/4" Tulip Vase
in our new Key Lime Opalescent features a rib optic. The top has
been pulled into a  Jack-in-the-Pulpit shape. The vase features a unique design by Dianna Barbour of a flower
emerging from inside the vase.

C9014 Hyacinth Iridized Heritage Vase

Our Hyacinth glass is ideal for this
flared top vase, which is 6" in
diameter. Bas relief ovals
are in a band around the vase
with vertically placed ribs.

C9017 Aubergine Stretch Leaf Basket
This 10" Basket has a zipper crimp and rib twist handle. This basket is a unique Stretch glass form and really shimmers when it catches the light.

C9018 Chocolate Mallard
The Mallard was introduced in the
Fenton line in 1985 as part of the Natural Animals collection.
This 5" Chocolate Mallard Duck
 is handpainted in a design
by Robin Spindler.

C9019 Rosalene Spring Mouse
Tony Rosena designed the two-part mould for this whimsical 2-3/4"
Mouse figurine. The design, by
Kim Barley, features a green polka dot headband, and a burgundy necklace
and bracelet. Gold ballet slippers complete the outfit!

C9020 Key Lime Opalescent Egg
Second in the Good Fortune Collection,
this Key Lime egg was blown by
glass artisan Ron Hinkle for Fenton.
This egg features a handpainted design
by Kim Barley and includes the
Good Fortune backstamp and
Shelley Fenton's  signature.

C9034 Blue Lagoon Butterfly
A symbol of rebirth, this 3" Butterfly
 in our new Blue Lagoon color is
handpainted with a design by
Kim Barley to match the
Key Lime Egg in the Good Fortune
. Gold glitter accents
are on the wings.

C9037 Key Lime Opalescent Bell
Our 6-1/2" Aurora Bell is handpainted with a butterfly and floral design by Kim Barley to complement the Egg in the Good Fortune Collection.
Blue Lagoon ring and six point crimp.

C9038 Blue Burmese Tri Crimp Vase
his vase is a beautiful example of our Blue Burmese glass and features a handpainted floral motif by
Kim Barley. The Burmese formula was perfected between 1983 and1985.

C9040 Blue Lagoon
Daisy & Button Oval Bowl

Handcrafted in our new Blue Lagoon glass color, this bowl is finished with
a gentle four point rolled up crimp.

C9051 Rosalene Diamond Optic
Fan Vase
 This 6" Fan Vase is difficult to make.
It is formed into the fan shape while
still hot and iridized. Handpainted
with a floral design by
Michelle Kibbe.

C9052 Rose Basket
Our 6-1/2" Rose Basket has a six-point crimp and a rib twist handle. A total of 18 craftsman created this basket. It is sprayed on the inside only in Marigold for a carnival glass finish. Bas relief rose pattern is cut into the mould.

C9056 Opal Bunny

Perfect for an Easter basket or
a Springtime display! Our decorated
3" Opal Bunny is sprayed with
touches of brown and highlighted
with pink on the ears, cheeks
and chest. Glitter highlights
have been added for extra sparkle!
Michelle Kibbe design.

C9060 Blue Lagoon
Ribbed Basket

 This 8" Blue Lagoon Basket has
 an Aubergine edge and notched handle.
The handpainted floral design
with Gold highlighting
on the leaves is by Kim Barley.

C9065 Key Lime Rooster

This 3-1/2" Rooster in our new
Key Lime color has a sanded finish
and is handpainted in a yellow
 and white daffodil motif designed
by Michelle Kibbe.

C9066 Limited Edition
Rosalene Egg on Stand
Numbered and limited to 1500 pieces
this Rosalene egg features a design
 of a church in the Springtime
by Michelle Kibbe.

C9070  St. Patrick's Day Kitten
in Milk Glass

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day!
This delightful Milk Glass
4'' Kitten figurine is handpainted
with shamrocks designed
by Michelle Kibbe and
features a gemstone accent.

C9073 Rosalene Bird on a Log
Michelle Kibbe's  lovely floral design  complements our Rosalene glass on this 3" Bird on a Log. Rosalene, a collector favorite, contains pure gold in the formula which causes it to change from white to pink when it is reheated.

9074  Key Lime and Opal
Bunny Box

This Bunny Box features a
Key Lime (new color!) sanded base
and  satin finished Opal glass top.
It  features a refreshing Spring
design by Michelle Kibbe.

C9075  Burmese Duck Figurine

New mould - 1st time on QVC!
Our new 3-3/4" Duck figurine mould
sports a handpainted floral lattice
design by Michelle Kibbe. It coordinates
with our Burmese Rose Bowl (C9079). 

C9076 Aubergine and Ivory Hen on Nest

Just in time for Spring and Easter, our 5"
Hen on Nest has a base made in Aubergine
glass and a top of sanded Ivory glass.
Handpainted with a floral and ribbon
design by Robin Spindler. The Hen on Nest
covered box entered the
Fenton line in 1968. 

C9077  Chocolate Glass
Art Nouveau Covered Box

No two pieces are exactly alike in
our 4" Art Nouveau Covered Treasure
Box made in Chocolate glass.
The Treasure Box also features
a bas relief pattern of flowing,
sinuous lines.

C9079  Burmese Rose Bowl w/stand

Our 5" Rose Bowl is made in
Burmese glass with a black base.
It is handpainted with a design
by Michelle Kibbe of flowering trees
and a gazebo. Use as a centerpiece
for flowers or potpourri.

9082  Limited Edition
Burmese Epergne

Limited to 115 sets, this stately Burmese
Epergne has four crimped trumpets
with three pulled into a Jack-in-the-Pulpit
shape. It features a handpainted rose
design by Kim Barley.

C9094  Black Carnival
Fenton Oval Logo

Fenton logos are a collector favorite
and this  5" Black Marigold
Carnival Oval Logo is sure to be
on a "must have" list. Black glass is
sprayed while  hot with a metallic
salts spray to create the
Carnival finish.

C9100 Burmese Ring Pitcher

This beautiful 9" Ring Pitcher
is made From a 1930s era mould.
It has an ice lip and plain handle.
The Pitcher features a design
by Robin Spindler of bees
hovering near flowering vines
Pure gold in the formula
creates the delicate pink blush.

C9101 Limited Edition Vase
designed by Nathan Sheafor

A wonder to behold, the inside is
just as beautiful as the outside! Made
with a black foot and green and blue
glass frit on the outside. The inside has red,
gold, white, and green glass. Size varies
from 7"-8" with 6" flared top.
No two pieces alike! Limited to 100 pieces.

C9102 Hyacinth Mary Gregory
Mother's Day Vase

Our 6-1/2" Turquoise Vase is
finished with a flared top. The vase
features a Mary Gregory design by
Stacy Williams and Kim Barley
of a boy on a fence with a dog
and rooster sitting nearby.

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