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Fenton Logo History

Presented below are the various Fenton logos used from 1970 through the present, along with a definition of each. Fenton labels of various kinds were applied to glassware prior to 1970.

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of Fenton labels,
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Logos used for Fenton seconds are shown at the bottom of the page.


Illustrated Logos
are from
1921 - 2005

In 2000, a small "0" was added to the Fenton logo to denote the 2000-2009 period. This is the logo you will likely see on glassware from Fenton retailers.

Beginning with glass made for 2010, we put a 1 in the Fenton logo. This logo will be used through 2019.

Added to the two 1995 Historic Collections in 2000 (Lotus Mist Burmese and Willow Green Opalescent).

Appears in Fenton moulds and also in all Verlys, Paden City and U.S. Glass moulds used at Fenton. The "9" indicates  produced in the decade of the nineties.

Beginning in 1983,
the Script F appears in moulds acquired by McKee or other glass companies (Verlys, Paden City & U.S. Glass are exceptions). An "8" to denate the 1980s or a "9" to denote the 1990s may also appear. The "0" is used from 2000-2009.

Added to the 90th Anniversary 1995 Historic Collection.

In 1980, a small "8" was added to moulds to denote the decade of the eighties.

The "Fenton" logo is sandblasted onto pieces in which the mould logo may not show well. This logo is only used in moulds from Fenton, Verlys, Paden City and U.S. Glass. An "8" to donate the 1980s or a "9" to denote the 1990s may also appear. The "0" is used from 2000-2009.

Added to the 80th Anniversary collection in 1985.

Put into Carnival Glass only in 1970. Between 1972 and 1973, put in Hobnail and other ware. By 1975, almost all ware had the logo. Collectors wanted to see the logo in all our glass.


The Fenton script "F" has been inscribed on some blown ware or used as a special decal when the logo in the mould was not readable.

Added to the 75th Anniversary collection
in 1980.

Logos used for

Fenton seconds:

Earlier in the 1990s decade, seconds were marked with a flame that resembles a calligraphy style S.

Solid or open single star sandblasted on the bottom or sides of "preferred seconds" sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop. Used June, 1996 - July, 1998. A double star was put on ware donated to Williamstown organizations for fundraising activities.

Replaced the star in August, 1998 on the bottom of "preferred seconds" sold primarily in the Fenton Gift Shop.


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