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Fenton Label History

Presented below are the various Fenton labels used from 1921 through the present. For a complete list of Fenton logos used from 1970 to the present, click here.

Illustrated Labels
are from
1921 - 2005

Circa 1921

Color: Only black and white copy available.

Circa 1925

Color: The outer rim and printing is silver and background is ivory.

Circa 1939

Color: Blue -  part of the company letterhead.


Circa 1939 to 1947-48

Color: Silver label
with silver print and
greenish-yellow background. Two styles used: Handmade in America by Fenton and Handmade by Fenton.


Circa 1940-41

Color: Red and white; may have been used for shop samples.


Circa 1949 to 1952-53

Colors: Yellow on silver: 1949

Yellow: 1950

Brown: 1950

Blue: 1950 - 1952-53

Gold: 1950 - 1952-53

Circa 1949-50 to 1957

Color: Used on Milk Glass in two designs. Dark background is red with silver print and light background is silver with red print.

Circa 1952-53 to 1957

Color: Brown with silver print. Gold (greenish yellow) with silver print. Foil with blue & silver.

Circa 1957 to 1971

Color: Magenta and blue. The "worker" label.

Circa 1957 to 1971

Color: Magenta & blue for Milk Glass. The print reads Milk Glass Handmade.

Circa 1968 to 1982-85

Color: Black & white. Used on handpainted items with other labels.

Circa 1970 to 1985

Color: Black & gold.
This "glassworker" label has rounded edges.

Circa 1982 to 1985

Color: White & black, used on handpainted items, with other labels.

Circa 1985 to 1996

Color: Silver & black. Bottom portion is for price & it can be removed. three styles used: Handmade, Handpainted and Quality Giftware.

Circa 1990 to 1995

Color: Silver and black This label was used on special order items such as QVC, and does not list price information.

Circa 1997 to Current

Color: Silver and black Three styles were used: Handmade, Handpainted and Quality Giftware. The price portion was separate from the label.

Circa 2000

Color: Silver & black Used on all ware to denote our 95th Anniversary.

Circa 2005

Color: Silver & black Used on all ware to denote our 100th Anniversary.

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Please note: Some of the reference titles are currently out of stock. Check with your local Fenton dealer, book seller or library.



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