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Alan VanDyke 

Our highly-skilled mouldmakers are "sculptors in reverse," and longtime mouldmaker, Al VanDyke is a master at his trade.

Many Fenton moulds contain intricate patterns or fine details, and the mouldmaker is responsible for "chipping" these features in the mould. Keen eyes, steady hands and infinite patience are a necessity, as the mouldmaker uses tiny chisels and a small hammer to create the "art in cast iron" which will later give form to our glass.

Al completed his apprenticeship in 1971. He has been responsible for many moulds, including Lily of the Valley and Strawberry pattern pieces. The "bridesmaid" doll figurine (5228) is one of his favorites.

Al lives in Marietta with his wife Merry. Their son Brent recently completed his master's degree and is employed in Seattle.

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