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Frank O. Myers, Fenton's First Basket Handler

About 1900, glassworker Frank O. Myers got his start at a glass factory in Indiana, Pennsylvania, the very same plant where our company's founder, Frank L. Fenton, had begun as a glass decorator in 1897.

A loyal member of American Flint Glass Workers Local Union No. 71, Myers became an apprentice, first learning to gather glass and, before long, mastering pressing and blowing operations.

By about 1910, Myers was a skilled finisher, able to reshape pieces, such as flaring and crimping the tops of vases in many different ways.

He was also adept at attaching handles to cruets or pitchers then called "jugs." From time to time, his employer marketed glass baskets, and Myers was the fellow who put the handles on the baskets.

The glass plant at Indiana, Pa., was destroyed by fire in mid-1931, leaving many without jobs. Myers came to work at Fenton on February 1, 1932, transferring his union card to Local Union No. 22 of the AFGWU, which enrolled Fenton's skilled glassworkers.

When Fenton decided to create baskets about 1939, Myers became our first basket handler. "He was very good at that job," Frank M. Fenton recalled. "And, he was very helpful in training other skilled glassworkers to become handlers. That was important to us in the early 1940s when several different baskets were in our line."

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Visitors to Fenton Art Glass will find a spacious Gift Shop and a pleasant museum. Free factory tours (M-F 8:15am to 4:00pm) take small groups of guests right out to the factory floor to see glassmaking "up close and personal." Friendly, knowledgeable tour guides explain all aspects of the operation. The Fenton tour has been ranked among the "top 10" factory tours nationwide by USA Today. In addition we have been named Rand McNally Best of the Road for 2006. For a factory tour schedule, click here. For a map, click here.


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