Dazzling glass from the past...step back in time!

"The film and exhibits will long be remembered. Thanks!" R. Reynolds, Islington, Ontario, Canada.

For the perfect finishing touch, enjoy a free visit to the Fenton Museum and Theater.

The history of glassmaking at Fenton an other Upper Ohio Valley factories from 1880 to the present can be viewed in our second floor museums. Breathtaking colors dazzle the eye as the glass sparkles in softly lit cases lining the walls. The Fenton glass museums contain more than 2,000 unusual and rare pieces.

You'll enjoy Fenton glass made from 1907 to the present. It's all here...the now rare Carnival glass that first made Fenton famous...exotic colors from the 1920s and great patterns from the 1930s...opalescent and Hobnail...and the handpainted glass reflecting the talents of Louise name just a few.

Representative glass of other Ohio Valley companies (Aetna, Beatty, Beaumont, Northwood, LaBelle, Ostoria, New Martinsville, Imperial, Hobbs, Paden City, Riverside, Jefferson and others) is also displayed with items of historical interest.

A 22 minute video on the making of Fenton Glass is shown in our theater at regular times throughout the day.

Museum and theater are open during gift shop hours and admission is free.

For more information, contact the Fenton Museum at

From the Museum...

ca 1907-08: Chocolate Butterdish

Invented by Jacob Rosenthal at the Indian Tumbler and Goblet Co. about 1900, Chocolate glass was produced by Fenton in 1907, not long after "Jake" had become our first factory manager.

ca 1925-26: Mosaic Inlaid Vase

Made off-hand by a team of four European workers (Fritz Ahlberg, F. Brandt, Oscar Eckstedt, and William Peterson) who were at Fenton for just a year, this graceful vase - with its captivating shape and passionate colors - seems to epitomize the "Roaring 20s."

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