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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Listed below are a few of the most popular questions asked about Fenton. Take a moment and check them out.

1. Please explain..."Not For Food Service."

The "Not for Food Service" sticker on some Fenton pieces (such as decorated plates or Cranberry pitchers and cruets) is there because the handpainted decoration or the glass contains lead. If a liquid such as vinegar, orange juice or an alcoholic beverage is allowed to stand in the glass container for a long period of time, a small amount of lead might "leach" from the glass into the liquid and subsequently be ingested by a person. Heavy metals, such as lead, are potentially harmful when ingested in quantity, so consumers will also see warning labels on such products as imported lead crystal stemware. Fenton glass colors made with Cranberry glass contain lead. Thus, to be absolutely safe, we recommend that neither these nor our decorated plates be used for food service.

2. How do I get a catalog?

The quickest way to receive a catalog is to click here!

3. How do I locate the dealer nearest me?

Simply go to the Locate a Dealer section of our website, choose your home state, and pick the dealer nearest you. Some of our dealers have even developed their own "mini sites" here on our website to help you find them faster.

4. I have a piece of glass that I think is Fenton, but I’m not certain.
    How can I research this further?

There are several steps you can take to verify Fenton authenticity.

First, determine if the piece has a Fenton logo stamped into the glass. This will usually be on or around the bottom of the piece, or on the inside. Fenton started putting the logo in all of the moulds in 1973. In the 1980s, we added a small numeral "8" under the logo which was changed to a "9" in the 90s.

If there is not a logo in the glass then it may have been made by Fenton before 1973. To research this, look for glassware that matches your piece in our Fenton history books. We currently have three books documenting the first, second, and third 25 years of Fenton’s production from 1907 through 1980. A publication on the decade of the ‘80s is also available. These books are available through your local Fenton dealer.

To see a complete list of Fenton Logos, click here

5. What does "retired" mean?

When a Fenton item is "retired," that particular item (a unique combination of mould, glass color/treatment, shape, and, if applicable, decoration) will not be made again. We might use the mould to make a different color or we might use different moulds with the same color or decoration. Fenton Art Glass supplies its dealers with updated listings of "retired" items as well as special stickers to put on these pieces when they are offered for sale.

6. I'd like to carry Fenton Art Glass in my retail store. How do I become an Authorized Dealer?

Fenton Art Glass Company has specific requirements that must be met in order to be considered for a Fenton dealership. They are as follows:

You must have a “brick and mortar” retail presence, i.e. an actual retail store, in a shopping mall, strip center, freestanding, on a main street, etc.

Fenton Art Glass Company does not offer dealerships to “internet only” businesses.

The opening order to become an Authorized Fenton Dealer is $600.00

If you can meet the above qualifications, please call Sue McCue at 304-375-6122, ext. 209. She will direct you to the Fenton representative who services your area.

7. I’m interested in planning a trip to the Fenton Art Glass Company and need directions. Who do I contact?

Check out the map. If you have further questions please contact the Fenton Gift Shop at 1-800-319-7793 (8am-5pm EST). Also, the Marietta/Washington County (OH) Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Parkersburg/Wood County (WV) Convention & Visitors Bureau will be able to help with your trip planning. (see map). To find hotel accommodations, click here.

9. How do I signup for Fenton's free email newsletter?

Fenton Art Glass has created an email mailing list to keep our collectors informed of special events, new items, promotions, and information that is of interest to the collector community at large. To join the Fenton Mailing List and receive weekly email newsletters, click here.

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Frank O. Myers, Fenton's first basket handler

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Louise Piper, Started Fenton decorating department

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