Fenton Art Glass Christmas 2009

We're getting ready for Christmas ... and you should too! We have an array of great products this year: more of our popular Glistening Woods figurines, Winter Aura on French Opalescent, Reindeer on Ruby, and Canaan Valley on Cobalt Blue; there's a new addition for our Nativity Set; new Frosty Friends, Holiday Chums and a new traditional Santa; exquisite new items from the 2009 Connoisseur Collection as well as limited Edition Fairy Lights, Ornaments and Angels. Click picture for larger image. These items will be available to order soon!

New Catalog Review!
Click here to review Christmas 2009 by grouping. These illustrations will help you truly visualize our collections. Limited Editions and Nativity Set: page 1, Frosty Friends and Winter Aura on Fr. Opalescent: page 2; Reindeer on Ruby, Ruby and Star Bright on Ruby: page 3, Bells, Fairy Lights, Ornaments and Holiday Chums: page 4, Glistening Woods, Christmas Trees, and Canaan Valley on Cobalt Blue: page 5
and Connoisseur Collection: page 6,
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05688QB 6-1/2'' Vase in Robin's Egg Blue 5 - 10 inches  1138 55.00 EA
    Stacy Williams Design vase robins egg blue
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