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The celebration continues throughout 2005, and it TRULY is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  

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Hotel Reservations

Marietta, OH

Mineral Wells, WV

Parkersburg, WV

Vienna, WV

Williamstown, WV


Hotel Special Offers



The Comfort Suites in Mineral Wells offers daily shuttle service to and from Fenton all year. To make your reservation today, click here.


The 2005 Collectible Fenton Centennial Slipper is available to guests who stay at the following:


Comfort Suites, Mineral Wells, W.Va.

Days Inn, Williamstown, W.Va.

Holiday Inn, Marietta, OH

Lafayette Hotel, Marietta, OH

Hampton Inn, Marietta, OH

Best Value Inn, Marietta, OH

The Doris Grace House

(Bed & Breakfast) Marietta, OH
(800) 851-1506, email:

The Cottage on Washington

(Bed & Breakfast) Marietta, OH

(740) 374-4439, email:



Nearby Airports

Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport - Parkersburg, WV

(13 minutes from Fenton)


Yeager Airport - Charleston, WV

(2 hours from Fenton)


Port Columbus International Airport - Columbus, OH

(2 hours, 13 minutes from Fenton)


Akron-Canton Airport - Canton, OH

(2 hours, 24 minutes from Fenton)


Pittsburgh International Airport - Pittsburgh, PA

(2 hours, 52 minutes from Fenton)

Nearby Bus Service

Greyhound - Marietta, OH

(4 minutes from Fenton)

100th Anniversary Merchandise

Save your pennies for more Fenton!

This whimsical ceramic piggy bank bears a 100th anniversary logo on one side and the words "Fenton Fund" on the reverse.

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Latest News

Fenton 100th Anniversary Auction

Featuring 151 pieces of Fenton Art Glass, this prestigious auction was quite the gala. The high bid of $15,000 claimed Lot # 144, a sample mosaic three legged candlestick from the collection of Frank M. Fenton.

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Fenton Centennial Glassmaking Workshop

A unique Fenton experience in 2005

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Decorate your very own Fenton ornament

The perfect heirloom keepsake for the young and the young at heart.

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Fenton Centennial Glassmaking School

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any glass connoisseur or art enthusiast!

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2005 Centennial Calendar of Events

Many events are taking place all year long. To help you with your planning...

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