The celebration continues throughout 2005, and it TRULY is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  


The celebration continues throughout 2005, and it TRULY is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Relive the Centennial festivities by visiting our special website to see photos of the exciting live QVC broadcast, the dramatic results of the special Fenton Auction, Fenton factory tours, ornament decorating activities and more. There's still time to celebrate - something is always happening at Fenton, and any visit is a time to experience Fenton, make new friends, and take home memories...


Click here for selected photos of the Centennial Celebration events from July 29 to August 2, 2005.


Centennial Contest Winners Announced

The following winners were selected at random from entries received during the 5-Day Celebration, July 29 to August 2, 2005. One winner was selected each day.


Fridays piece was:


6667 FV

True Blue on Milk Glass

7 1/2" Pitcher


Retail Value: $99.50

The winner was: Patricia Noronha from Charleston, WV

Saturdays piece was:

8155 EF

Butterfly Minnet on Turquoise

7 1/2" Square Vase


Retail Value:



The winner was: Sandra Betz from Muskegom, MI

Sundays piece was:


7736 QB

Blue Hydrangeas on Black

9 1/2" Basket


Retail Value:



The winner was Ruth Phillips from Saint Cloud, FL


Mondays piece was:


5987 RL

Ruby Amberina Stretch

12" Ribbed Bowl


Retail Value:



The winner was: Beverly David from Berne, IN 46714

Tuesdays pieces was:

4200 BS

Tulip Delight on Rosemilk

21" Petal Lamp


Retail Value:



The winner was: Rosa Lee Everhart from Banbredge, OH

The Fenton Centennial Celebration continues!

Rated in USA Today as one of the TOP 10 tours in America, there is simply nothing like the Fenton Factory Tour. Watch raw materials become molten glass which is shaped by artisans in the age-old tradition. Furnaces glow; sparks fly, and from heat, noise and motion emerge works of art that captivate and delight.

The crafting experience showcases the talent of skilled artisans painstakingly handpainting each piece, and ends in the Gift Shop where an artist handpaints glassware to customer specifications. The Fenton Museum highlights mid-Ohio valley glassware from 1880 to the present.

Enjoy special Centennial Events throughout 2005 designed to make your visit a truly “once in a lifetime experience” – decorate your own Fenton Christmas ornament, observe firsthand the talents of skilled craftsmen Dave Fetty and Jim Ralston as they create special Fenton Centennial pieces…visit for all the information you need to plan your Fenton Factory Experience.

Fenton Art Glass Centennial Celebration continues throughout 2005!

100th Anniversary Merchandise

Save your pennies for more Fenton!

This whimsical ceramic piggy bank bears a 100th anniversary logo on one side and the words "Fenton Fund" on the reverse.

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Latest News

Fenton 100th Anniversary Auction

Featuring 151 pieces of Fenton Art Glass, this prestigious auction was quite the gala. The high bid of $15,000 claimed Lot # 144, a sample mosaic three legged candlestick from the collection of Frank M. Fenton.

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Fenton Centennial Glassmaking Workshop

A unique Fenton experience in 2005

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Decorate your very own Fenton ornament

The perfect heirloom keepsake for the young and the young at heart.

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Fenton Centennial Glassmaking School

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any glass connoisseur or art enthusiast!

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2005 Centennial Calendar of Events

Many events are taking place all year long. To help you with your planning...

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