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High Class Glass

July 31, 2005



WTAP News, Parkersburg, WV

Going once, going twice, sold... Fenton art glass was flying off the tables Sunday at the 100 year birthday auction on the Marietta College Campus.

"We've had a great turnout with over 500 people behind me," says Fenton Historian Jim Measell.

And with the large group, came some stiff competition for the rare pieces...Some of which date back to 1907.

"There are some very rare items in the selection here. The first piece sold tonight for example sold for 2500 dollars," says Measell.

But that was just the beginning.

Later in the evening, another piece went for $3400 and a 1920's candlestick was estimated to go for more than $5000!

"Oh it's fantastic. I know the auctioneer and I spoke with him for a little bit prior to the sale. A lot of items are strait from the museum. This is really the cream of the crop for Fenton Art Glass," says Antique Collector Tom Heinecke.

"I like the Jamestown blue. They've got a couple pieces in there. There's one coming up. I'd be interested in that," he adds.

But Heinecke discovered, getting your hands on the historic Fenton art is no easy task.

"Are you feeling pretty confident you will walk away with one? No. There's some very tough competition plus I went to an auction last week so the account isn't what it should be," he laughs.

But for those that did go home with the high class glass...They also take home a piece of Fenton history.

Later, WTAP learned the 1920's, one of kind candlestick, went for 15,000 dollars!






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