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Centennial Collector Auction - Marietta College, Sun., July 31

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100th Anniversary Merchandise

Save your pennies for more Fenton!

This whimsical ceramic piggy bank bears a 100th anniversary logo on one side and the words "Fenton Fund" on the reverse.

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Fenton Centennial Glassmaking Workshop

A unique Fenton experience in 2005

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Decorate your very own Fenton ornament

The perfect heirloom keepsake for the young and the young at heart

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Fenton Centennial Glassmaking School

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any glass connoisseur or art enthusiast!

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2005 Centennial Calendar of Events

Many events are taking place all year long. To help you with your planning...

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No. 071

Hanging Hearts covered box


No. 072

Fetty Bears, Hanging Hearts


No. 073

Victorian Art Glass pitcher


No. 074

Custard Hanging Hearts "vase"


No. 075


Blue vase,

Milk Glass foot

No. 076

Aqua Crest Melon pitcher


No. 077


water set, hp raspberries

No. 078

Sample Cranberry Opal spiral optic vase

No. 079

Sample French Royale urn


No. 080

Sample Sea Green vase, hp Martha Reynolds

No. 081

Sample Burmese Coin Dot vase


No. 082

Sample Cranberry Opal Coin Dot bowl

No. 083

Amber No. 1934 decanter


No. 084

Sample Vasa Murrhina pitcher


No. 085

Blue Burmese cruet/stopper


No. 086

Topaz Opal Dancing Ladies vase

No. 087

Unique Burmese vases


No. 088

Sample Autumn Gold Opal vase


No. 089

Plum "Leaves of Gold" vase


No. 090

Masterworks oval vase