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Fenton Artistry Vase

Designed by renowned cameo artists Kelsey Murphy and
Robert Bomkamp, the
Artistry vase is handcrafted in Fenton's
rich Ruby glass covered with pure Milk Glass, using demanding techniques applied by Fenton's skilled glassworkers.

Working from candid photos of Fenton glassworkers, decorators and family members, Kelsey and Robert designed these marvelously detailed depictions. Just look . . . you'll see skilled glassworkers and talented decorators, exactly as you encounter them when on the award-winning tour at historic Fenton Art Glass in Williamstown, West Virginia. Look closely to see the remarkably lifelike images of brothers Frank and Bill Fenton, the two men who led Fenton Art Glass for nearly four decades.












The cameo carved Artistry Vase images include:
Frank M. Fenton and Bill Fenton, as well as several of our
skilled glassworkers and talented decorators.

The exquisite shading and details on the
Artistry vase are achieved through advanced cameo carving techniques developed by Kelsey and Robert over many years. Distinct stages of cameo carving create the remarkable perspective, variety of depth, meticulous details and delicate shading. These stages are demanding, and the cameo carver must posses artistic talent and keen eyes as well as great dexterity and stamina.

Depicted in Cameo Carved Artistry Vase
are close ups of several Fenton Art Glass artisans, past and present.

Left to right:
Louise Piper (Decorator),
Chris Carpenter
(Cameo Carving), and
Alice Farley (Decorator).

The Artistry vase depicts traditional glassmakinggathering, pressing, blowing, and finishingas well as the art of the decorator and the cameo carver. These are the people whose skills and talents have made Fenton Art Glass famous worldwide . . . and they can be yours forever with the purchase of the Artistry vase. In addition to Frank and Bill Fenton, the people depicted on this vase are longtime Fenton employees, including Dave Fetty and Frank Workman. Each time you look upon your Artistry vase, you’ll discover dramatic details and subtle shading. You’ll marvel at the perspective and depth inherent in cameo carved art glass. Click here for an order form.

Gatherer and Ron Dick, Presser

Glassblower Mike Sine Jr. and mould holder

Dave Fetty

Frank Workman and
Bit Gatherer Mark Warne

Cameo carving is a a painstaking process. After the glass has been annealed, a special mask is taped to the surface of the glass. Using an advanced “vignetting” technique, each piece is carefully sandcarved, by hand, using aluminum oxide crystals under pressure to take away some of the surface. Great individual skill and experience are needed to control this operation, as many distinct stages of successive cameo carving are required to create the remarkable depth and the intricate details.

The cameo art creations of
Kelsey and Robert are indeed unique. Collectors and museums worldwide appreciate how the details of the Artistry vase are comparable to the very best items from 2000 years of cameo glass history.

Robert Bomkamp and Kelsey Murphy

Fenton's Sandcarving Department: Top row, clockwise:  Russ Taylor, Chris Cunningham, Cathy Mackey, Brenda Dotson,
Chris Carpenter, and Nikki Burchett.

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